7/15/09 – AP: Witness: Alamo said ‘The Lord told me’ to abuse

Mercury News
July 15, 2009

Witness: Alamo said ‘The Lord told me to abuse’

A third-generation follower of evangelist Tony Alamo told federal court jurors Wednesday that the preacher had so many sex partners that he scheduled how often he would sleep with them.

The 30-year-old woman said she was one of Alamo’s wives, marrying him at age 15.

Alamo is named in a 10-count indictment alleging he took young girls across state lines for sex. He has pleaded not guilty. The woman told jurors she traveled to California, Tennessee and West Virginia to be available for the now 74-year-old minister.

In testimony, the woman said she began to have questions after Alamo graphically described what he had done to an 8-year-old girl holding a stuffed animal. She said Alamo told her she shouldn’t question what “the Lord told me to do.”

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  1. Ann Wray Says:

    Castrate Tony (Satan) Alamo without anestheic, then place his head in a vice and tighten it until his head explodes, then burn his demonic body.

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