7/21/09 – Sharon Alamo takes the stand: Not legally married to Alamo ***COMMENTS***

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July 21, 2009
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Developing News: Sharon Alamo Takes The Stand


Controversial evangelist Tony Alamo arrived in federal court in Texarkana at 6:45 a.m. and was asked why his lawyers did not want him to testify. Alamo said, “I’m going to testify, they’ve already lost the battle.”

When asked what battle Alamo replied, “They accused me of child pornography, they accused me of transporting girls across state line they can’t do it. They’ve lost and are now coming up with new charges.”

When asked if he believed he was above the trial Alamo replied, “I’ve already won.”

The government rested at about 8:40 a.m. but not before playing prison tapes of Alamo talking to church members. One of the conversations was with a young child.

He said, “I’m getting sick of you kid, you have to do what you have to do or get out. Clean up your stinking mess … you’ll find out I’m still in charge.”

In a separate conversation Alamo said, “Why would I take them across state lines to have sex with them, I can do that in Arkansas and if I did it, would that be bad?”

The defense began at 9 a.m. Tuesday. Attorneys called Tony Alamo’s wife Sharon to the stand. She testified to three trips calling them church related trips. Defense attorney Don Ervin asked if she was aware of any sexual contact between Alamo and the alleged victims on the trips she said “no.”

Sharon Alamo testified she never legally married Tony Alamo. She also confirmed that as many as 13 women and young girls lived with Tony Alamo over 20 years.

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2 Posts

  1. Theresa Lupo Says:

    13 women & young girls?You know what the problem is with lust & greed?It is NEVER enough.This man collected women like they were his cattle.Disgusting human being he is.

  2. cindi Jo Says:

    I think that this pig (Sharon Alamo) needs to rot in prison just like her piece of shit husband. She never said anything or stood up to that monster when he was taking little girls into his bedroom and forcing them against their will to have sex with him. She’s just as evil and if she doesn’t pay in this life…. I hope she rots in hell. What kind of person would allow many, many, many little girls to be raped by her on husband and say it was of God?? I tell you who…. Sharon Alamo would and did. She’s a coward and she needs to pay as well as any other adults that were “married” to that scumbag pile of shit and didn’t stand up to him and turn his ass in. The parents who allowed it make me sick to my stomach and need to pay too. Sharon Alamo is a sick and evil person. Don’t be fooled by her!

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