7/21/09 – Update: Sharon Alamo testifies

Texarkana Gazette
July 21, 2009
By Lynn LaRowe

Sharon Alamo Testifies


This morning jurors heard Tony Alamo tell a woman he was speaking to on a jail house recording to “Shut your face.” “Just because I’m in jail, you’ll find out I’m still in charge, OK kid,” Alamo said on the tape.

The evangelist accused of bringing young girls across state lines for sex sniffed a Sharpie marker as he listened to Sharon Alamo testify.

Sharon Alamo testified she is not legally married to Tony Alamo. She also confirmed that girls moving into Alamo’s residence were progressively younger, The girls were 17, 16, 15, 14, 12, 11 and 8 years of age.

After 8-year-old Jane Doe no. 2 moved in, several other girls, none older than 14, became residents of Alamo’s Fouke residence as well, Sharon Alamo confirmed.

As he was being escorted by federal marshals into the courthouse in downtown Texarkana this morning, Tony Alamo said he would take the stand this week.

The government rested its case this morning and Sharon Alamo was the first defense witness to testify.

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