7/22/09 – First witness at Alamo trial Wednesday pleads the fifth

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July 22, 2009
Posted By: Matthew Carroll
Posted By: Charles Crowson
Posted By: Monika Rued

Developing News: Will Tony Alamo Take The Stand?

Controversial evangelist Tony Alamo arrived at Texarkana federal court Wednesday morning shortly after 6:30.

In Wednesday’s federal trial against Tony Alamo, he told his lawyers, “I want to get up there (witness stand).”

Alamo was seen in the courtroom taking several notes, as well as talking to his lawyers about taking the stand in his own defense in his trial.

Earlier, a reporter asked why his attorneys were afraid to put him on the stand. He asked why they (media) were all liars.

Court has recessed until 1 p.m., while Alamo’s attorneys consider putting him on the stand in his own defense.

The defense’s first witness of the day, Sue Davis, took the Fifth Amendment during her cross-examination by the prosecution.

Court was immediately recessed and Davis was taken to Judge Harry Barnes’ chambers.

Shortly after leaving the courtroom, Davis was served with a removal order connected to the whereabouts of underage children in the church, meaning she could be arrested if unwilling to the reveal this information.

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