7/22/09 – Charges the jury will weigh against Alamo

San Francisco Chronicle
July 22, 2009
By The Associated Press

Charges jury will weigh against evangelist Alamo

A federal jury was given instructions Wednesday on how to weigh the case against evangelist Tony Alamo, who is charged with taking five young girls across state lines for sex.

If convicted, he faces up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 on each count.


Prosecutors allege that Alamo had sex with Jane Doe No. 1, now 17, while they traveled on his private bus to California in September 2004, when she was 13. She said Alamo “married” her at age 11. She currently lives in Colorado.


The indictment accuses Alamo of having sex with Jane Doe No. 1 after she traveled from Colorado to California to Arkansas between August and October 2005 on the minister’s orders. Prosecutors say she was 14 at the time.


Prosecutors say Jane Doe No. 2 was “married” to Alamo at age 8 and was soon molested. They claim that she had traveled to her parents’ home in Oklahoma in May or June 2000 and again in March or April 2001 and was summoned back to Arkansas by Alamo for sex. She is now 18 and told jurors that child-welfare officials helped her find a job in Arkansas.


Authorities say Alamo “married” Jane Doe No. 3 while he was in prison in 1998, when she was 14. They say she was sexually assaulted by Alamo, then was sent to Oklahoma by him to allay her father’s fears that she was living with the evangelist. Prosecutors say she later returned to Arkansas, where Alamo had sex with her. She is now 25.


Alamo is accused of ordering Jane Doe No. 3 to travel to Nashville, Tenn. Authorities say that around the time of the trip, in early 1999, Alamo was having sexual contact with the girl.


Prosecutors say Alamo “married” Jane Doe No. 4 when she was 15 and that he was having sex with her in the spring of 1994. They say that around that time, she traveled on a motor home with Alamo toward California. The trip was cut off abruptly and the motor home returned to Arkansas. She is now 33 and lives in Florida.


The indictment says Alamo brought Jane Doe No. 4 with him to West Virginia in April or May 1994, when he was having sex with her. Alamo had traveled there on a custody matter involving an ex-wife.


Authorities say Alamo had sex with Jane Doe No. 4 in Memphis, Tenn., while he was on trial for tax evasion in federal court in late spring 1994.


Prosecutors say Jane Doe No. 5 and Jane Doe No. 4 flew from Arkansas to California, where Jane Doe No. 5 was sexually assaulted by Alamo. She was 16 then and is 20 now.

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