7/24/09 – Arkansas Blog: Waiting for Alamo verdict

Arkansas Times Blog
July 24, 2009
Posted By Max Brantley

Arkansas Blog: Waiting for Alamo verdict

The jury instructions seem critical in the jury’s deliberation of sex crime charges against cult leader Tony Alamo, charged with multiple sexual encounters with children. Was sex the dominant reason he took the minors across a state line, as the law requires for conviction? (The definition of dominant is critical. Was there any reason other than sex that he had his child “wives” along for his journeys?)

A second day of deliberations begins today. The lengthy deliberations, after essentially uncontested testimony about sexual activities with minors, has to give some hope to the defense.

If Alamo is acquitted, the question arises anew about state prosecutions. A child can’t give consent to sex. If I read this correctly, the statute of limitation would still allow prosecution for sexual assaults testified about in this case. The local prosecutor says he has no open investigation against Alamo or parents of children provided to him for sex. Why not?


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  1. Justice Says:

    Done and Done, Max. alamo is cooked. But the cult does remain. Federal and State investigation opportunity is ripe and endless. Parents accessory and who conspired w/ alamo for children to be given for sex. Rampant ritualistic brutal bloody beatings of children and adults.

    And of equal priority to end abuses, the white collar criminal business practices of the cult. Phony charities, goods obtained by false pretense of donation solicited. Then not used in charitable service, but rather resold at 100% profit. Books cooked, illegal transference of funds and records to non profit ‘religious’ corporations and fronts as tax dodge.

    The money, lifeline of the cult. These top lieutenants will not willingly forfeit free slave labor, non expensed inventory and 100% percent profits business at the cost of feeding cattle. This snake will grow more heads, the life is in the filthy lucre.

    Many cases and record of criminality are just sitting there. Only need be picked up, fine tuned and prosecuted as zealously as alamo himself was. This is not over, w/o such action taken, the Feds and State will find themselves back in 3 years, prosecuting the same cases of child sex and beatings by doctrinal execution.

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