7/24/09 – Tony Alamo — The Devil Himself, Parading as God’s Prophet

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July 24, 2009
Judy Plantz

Tony Alamo – The Devil Himself, Parading as God Almighty

Ugh, one thing that sucks about blogging news… is the news. Not always but there are times that when reading the details puts my heart, spirit, and mind collectively in turmoil. The story of Tony Alamo required addressing. If you read articles about his crime history, you will see that he was a very nasty man right across the board. He had been charged with transporting five under-aged girls across state lines for sex.

Alamo accessed these young girls through his Arkansas church. His followers have told us how he controlled people of his church in an extremely domineering manner. His approach to ‘preaching’ was to brainwash followers to believe him as being both a Godlike figure and a prophet of God – And by disobeying him they would both disappoint God and incur Alamo’s wrath. A woman telling why she stayed says he brainwashed her into believing he administered to them in the ways of the Lord. When she believed she was being wronged she was told not to question what the lord asked of her.

One woman recounts that she once told Alamo to stop during his recounting of a sexual experience with a new 8 year old ‘wife’. He got really angry at her and told her not to question the Lord. Such a grave injustice and horror against the girl, yet to be recounted and defended in the name of the Lord. News articles tell of how he commonly bragged of his marriage to a 17 year old minor and that he was still evading the law in doing so. He was 59 at the time of that marriage.

Alamo had been guilty of many injustices during his years with the church. He transported young under-age girls across state lines for sexual purposes, he raped under-aged girls (children), he was guilty of tax evasion, he underpaid church workers; and he managed his ‘church’ as a cult through deprivation, brainwashing, and iron fisted tactics which included beatings. One woman explained that she hadn’t ever gone to the authorities with her story of abuse because she had grown up in the church and was indoctrinated with the idea that the justice system was evil – And that by keeping his story quiet she was doing right by standing in God’s courtroom. Hmm – I’m seeing who they refer to when they say ‘God’…

Alamo was found guilty on 10 counts of transporting under-aged girls across state lines for sexual purposes. He will surely be in prison for the rest of his natural life as each count can carry up to 10 years prison sentencing and $250,000.00 in fines. His sentence is yet to be decided. Having read his story I see that he is a self-absorbed narcissist pedophile. No matter how long his sentence – it’s not enough. In a strange way I got a kick out of his conspiracy theorist defense ideal. He says he was framed by both the U.S. government and the Vatican – as if he is sooo important! I think it would serve this devil of a ‘God’ well to sit in a prison cell and think about what he has done. Nah maybe not… these types never see the light, do they? To him it’s all a big joke – visible in his courtroom jester-like behavior.

Let’s see if in jail he can convince other convicts that he is a prophet of God, and that it’s in their best interests to do his bidding. If not, in jail he may just get his just desserts. Don’t make me spell it out but he raped all those young girls against their will… Just make sure you don’t drop the soap Tony. And one more thing, take a jar of Vaseline or two – methinks them folks won’t be thinking you’re anything special… They will probably think you need to be taught a lesson or two… Oh God!

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