11/04/09 – TG: Government files notice in Alamo case ***COMMENTS***

Texarkana Gazette
November 4, 2009
By: Lynn LaRowe

Government files notice in Alamo case

The government has filed a notice in Tony Alamo’s criminal case that three of the five women who testified he’d wed them as children want to give victim impact testimony at his sentencing hearing next week.

Alamo, 75, was convicted July 24 of all 10 counts listed on a federal indictment accusing him of bringing young girls across state lines for sex and is scheduled for sentencing Nov. 13.

According to the notice filed Monday, at least some of the women, referred to in court documents as Jane Does, have provided written statements concerning the effect of Alamo’s abuse.

The four women and one 17-year-old who took the stand during the two-week trial gave graphic descriptions of life as one of Alamo’s plural wives. Alamo married one when she was just 8. Alamo repeatedly sexually assaulted them, beat them when he believed they’d broken his rules, expelled them from their homes at times and forced them to fast as punishment, the women testified.

The notice quotes an earlier case about the issue of a victim’s right to confront during sentencing:

“Limiting victims to written impact statements, while allowing the prosecutor and the defendant the opportunity to address the court, would treat victims as secondary participants in the sentencing process.”

Federal courts must give a defendant, the defense attorney and the prosecutor the opportunity to speak during a punishment hearing, the notice said.

Alamo’s defense team recently filed a motion asking that he be given a lighter sentence than might be recommended under federal guidelines in light of his good works, waning health and age.

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4 Posts

  1. Charles B Says:

    I heard what an earlier posting said. Radio Station WWVA 1170 has quietly sold the 12-1 AM weekday evening time slot to TA Ministries for the month of November. So now 5 nights a week the pedo-pastor from Fouke can be heard via his taped sermons poisoning the airwaves. Utterly disgusting. Call them and tell them shame on Clear Channel Communications and WWVA Radio 1170 for giving airplay to this unrepentant pervert and criminal!

  2. Susie G Says:

    For which of Tony’s “good works” is he asking for a lighter sentence?
    For raping a nine year old girl? For commanding his enforcer to
    brutally beat young girls and boys and even beat grown men?
    For kicking teenagers to the streets without any family support?
    For separating families? For kicking out husbands and then taking their wives as his own? For kicking out parents and giving them no access to their children? For hiding children? For stealing the labors and youth of his followers for 40+ years? For causing many to suffer a traumatic lifestyle that has carried into their life outside
    the group? Causing two generations of children to suffer physical,educational, and medical neglect? For spreading a false gospel of fear and hate? This sorry excuse for a human being deserves NO mercy.

  3. Jael Sprinkle Says:

    For some strange reason I had hope that when Tony was faced with the reality of his deeds he would recant and ask forgiveness. I am furious that adding insult to injury, he is declaring his “good works.”

    Every good work he ever did while I was his wife was a selfish one and centered on making him look good. I am sincerely regretting that I will not speak at sentencing.

    Why can’t he see how much he has hurt people, stripped them of their lives, filled them with fear and caused them to live with daily pain?

    Tony Alamo, you are vicious.

  4. Jael Sprinkle Says:

    I have to add that yes, I’ve moved on, and I don’t live in that anymore. But for many years I did. I thought my life was over because God hated me.

    I’m not there now, but I should never have had to live with that pain and fear.

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