1/8/10 – Alamo attorney, Kuhn, withdraws from criminal case

Pine Bluff Commercial
January 8, 2010

Alamo attorney withdraws from criminal case

A federal judge is allowing a Florida attorney for convicted evangelist Tony Alamo to withdraw from Alamo’s criminal case over irreconcilable difference, though the lawyer says the problem no longer exists.

“There was difficulty that’s been resolved,” said Phillip Kuhn of Florida.

In his motion to withdraw, Kuhn stated that a dispute between he and Alamo “regarding the proper, efficient and ethical legal representation of the defendant,” led to his desire to exit Alamo’s criminal case.

Kuhn was granted the request by U.S. District Judge Harry Barnes Wednesday.

Kuhn will continue to be involved in civil matters concerning Alamo, his ministry and loyal followers.

“The criminal case is just about over anyway,” Kuhn said. “Mr. Alamo has three other competent attorneys working on his behalf.”

Don Ervin of Houston is Alamo’s lead criminal defense attorney and has been hired to work on the appeal of his conviction and sentence with John Wesley Hall Jr. of Little Rock. Jeff Harrelson of Texarkana represents Alamo in criminal proceedings as well.

Alamo was convicted in July of all 10 counts listed in a federal indictment accusing him of bringing young girls across state lines for sex. Barnes sentenced Alamo to serve 175 years in federal prison.

A final hearing is scheduled for next week concerning restitution Alamo may owe to the five Jane Does who testified they wed Alamo as children.

Kuhn will remain the attorney of record for Tony Alamo Christian Ministries and two fathers with children in state custody who allege the Arkansas Department of Human Services is using a child abuse investigation to disband the controversial group. That suit is pending in Barnes’ court also.

Kuhn continues to represent Alamo in a civil suit filed by two former members who claim to have been beaten, forced to labor unpaid and starved at Alamo’s bidding while minors living with their parents on property Alamo controlled.

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