July 1-3rd – International Cultic Studies Assoc Conference features The Phoenix Project – CALL FOR WORK

Call for Work

The Phoenix Project, an exhibit of art and literary works which have been created by former cult members, is calling for works to be presented at this year’s annual conference of the International Cultic Studies Association, to be held outside of New York City, July 1-3. ( )

If you are a former member of a cult or high demand organization, we invite you to participate in this upcoming exhibit to present your group or recovery related artwork.

Please submit proposals of your visual art, drama, dance, music, video, or literary works that illustrate the world of the cult survivor—including the previous group world, healing or recovery, or aspects of the time of transition from the cult or high-demand organization—to the Phoenix Project at

Creations may be in any art form, including but not limited to: literary (such as poetry, drama, short story, or other writings), music of any kind, dance, and the visual arts (such as paintings, drawings, collage, sculpture, fiber arts, photography, film, video, or multi-media).

If desired, this work may be presented anonymously, or through another presenter.

Further, we particularly ask for works by those who have been helped or touched by Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center, and especially by its founder and director, the late Dr. Paul Martin. Dr. Martin’s care for the ex-cult member, love of the arts, and belief in the value of the arts as an illuminating tool in the explanation of cult affiliation and recovery come together in the Phoenix Project, and we wish to honor him and his work this year.

Not only will this exhibit illuminate the reality of cult and high demand organization life, and its effects on individuals, we believe that it will also provide an empowering experience for participating artists, who will have the opportunity to tell their own stories in their own ways.

To submit your art, literary, or other proposals, or for more information, please e-mail Phoenix Project Director and Coordinator Diana Pletts at:

Diana Pletts, M.A., directs and coordinates The Phoenix Project, which provides a time and place for cult survivors to present their cult and recovery related artwork. A former member of the Path, a charismatic Christian End-Times group, she is working, herself, on the production of artwork to express her own group involvement. Diana has spoken on cult affiliation at colleges and churches, on the radio, as a speaker for Elderhostel, and at Chautauqua Institution. She is an adjunct speech professor in Maryland, where she lives with her husband, Dennis. Those interested in participating in the Phoenix Project, or in obtaining more information about the Project, are invited to e-mail her at

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