10/4/10 – AP: Civil trial against Tony Alamo delayed ***COMMENTS***

Arkansas Democrat Gazette
October 4, 2010

Civil trial against Alamo delayed

A federal magistrate judge has delayed the civil trial against evangelist Tony Alamo in a lawsuit over alleged abuse at his ministries.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Barry Bryant indefinitely delayed Alamo’s trial last week. It was set to begin Oct. 25. Bryant granted the delay at the request of Alamo’s lawyers and the lawyers for plaintiffs Spencer Ondrisek and Seth Calagna.

The two have already won a $3 million judgment against John Kolbek. Kolbek was accused of being Alamo’s “enforcer” and disciplinarian at Alamo’s religious compound in Fouke. Kolbek never appeared in court and remains a fugitive.

Alamo is serving a 175-year prison sentence after being convicted of five counts of transporting young girl across state lines for sex. He is appealing that conviction.

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3 Posts

  1. cindi jo angulo Says:

    I hate that this article states…”alleged abuse”. It’s not alleged abuse. This man should be put away for life and there should be no way possible for him to appeal anything. How much more tax dollars are we going to waste on this scumbag? They should have thrown away the key the first time he went to prison. It sure would have prevented a lot of heart ache and pain for so many lives!

  2. Dyann Says:

    Correct Cindi. Once a defendant has been convicted, their crimes are no longer “alleged”, they are a legal fact.
    I agree that the journalists need to stop pandering to this scumbag by calling him a ‘former pastor’ or ‘evangelist’ and stop referring to his horrific crimes as “alleged”.

  3. erik o Says:

    great posts.

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