10/15/10 – A Letter to John Kolbek

A Letter to John Kolbek
from Canton Texas Fleamarket Vendor

Turn yourself in. It’s not worth all of this. I know you are tired of running and hiding. My concern is how is Benjamin and the rest of the kids are.
John, if you really believe in Jesus Christ as you told me and as we spoke about on several months of you coming to the market then you know the Lord will take care of you. And you will trust in him for the right thing to do. I know you’re not scared and I know that you meant no harm to any of the kids. You were just doing your job within the church as Tony told you to. It’s not your fault that he corrupted your mind as his. John, go do it my friend. Turn yourself in and let’s get on with life…
Shame is hard to deal with but pray it will be OK. I promise that’s what you told me to do and it works.
Trust me, John, it really does.
Hope 2 CYA soon, Buddy. Take care and tell Jennifer and the kids they are thought of daily.

Canton Texas Fleamarket Vendor

In: 2010

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