Tony Alamo Plagiarized “The Messiah” Book

For decades Tony Alamo has claimed authorship of the book “The Messiah According To Bible Prophecy” when in fact he has plagiarized 98% of this book from Fred John Meldau’s book titled “Messiah in Both Testaments”.

Below are the first several pages of Meldau’s book, as well as the first several pages of Alamo’s book, so that you can see the blatant plagiarism. For those who want to do more extensive research into the extent of the plagiarism of Meldau’s book we are making both books available for download in the entirety below the thumbnails for your convenience.
Messiah - Cover Messiah - 00-01 Messiah - 02-03 Messiah - 04-05 Messiah - 06-07 Messiah - 08-09
The Messiah - Cover The Messiah - 01-02 The Messiah - 03-04 The Messiah - 05-06 The Messiah - 07-08 The Messiah - 09-10

Tony Alamo’s “The Messiah” can be downloaded from his website. For your convenience we are linking you directly to the page.

Click here to open, view and print Alamo’s “The Messiah”

Click on the files below to download “Messiah” from Fred John Meldau.

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