Surviving and Moving On After a High-Demand Group Experience A Workshop for Second-Generation Former Members – April 2013, Chester, Connecticut


Surviving and Moving On After a High-Demand Group Experience
A Workshop for Second-Generation Former Members
Friday 3:00 PM April 26, 2013 to Sunday 2:00 PM April 28, 2013

Guest House Retreat & Conference Center, 318 West Main Street, Chester, CT 06412 (860–322–5770)

As increasing numbers of people born or raised in cultic movements have reached adulthood, the International Cultic Studies Association has developed a program that addresses their special needs.
Second-Generation Adults (SGAs) do not have a “precult identity” to which they can return. Raised in fringe subcultures, they frequently have educational and other skill deficits that interfere with adjustment to mainstream culture. Having grown up in groups based on irrational belief systems, SGAs struggle with issues of dependency, self-esteem, and social conflict. They often have to deal with the trauma of physical and/or sexual abuse. SGAs have difficulty getting help because they tend to lack finances and be wary of other people, including helpers.
Meeting annually since 2006, this workshop addresses the needs of SGAs through presentations by specialists and former members, including discussions in which attendees may participate according to their comfort levels. Special attention is paid to the need of SGAs for privacy, reflection, and working at their own pace.
Workshop subjects include
o critical thinking
o socialization, culture shock, and acculturation
o psychological development, boundaries, and trust
o long-term psychological, educational, and emotional effects of growing up in a culture of abuse and neglect
o relationships with families and others
o resiliency
This workshop has been made possible by special donations and the willingness of facilitators to volunteer their time. Without the dedication of these people, registration fees would be much higher than they are. Donations cover a substantial portion of the total cost. Because many SGAs struggle financially, we urge those in need to apply for additional assistance. Please contact us at 239–514–3081 or All contacts will be kept strictly confidential.
Guest House is a delightful retreat and conference center in the scenic Connecticut River Valley. It offers spacious guest rooms with private bathrooms, superb cuisine, and amenities that range from a grand piano in the lobby to wireless Internet in every room. Travel directions by car, train, and air, along with other convenient links, are available at Contact ICSA for possible help with ground transportation from Amtrak or Metro-North, or from nearby airports.


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