“Recieve not an accusation against an Elder”

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Posted on Friday, January 05, 2007 – 6:12 pm:

In regards to the posts by NSM and Carol concerning when people could see that Alamo was a liar; I feel that you are both correct.

Alamo has always lied and committed ungodly acts on an hourly basis. He is extremely sneaky, secretive, paranoid and fearful. He only allows a carefully chosen select few that he felt he could ” read ” into the tight knit circle near him and his daily activities.

Unfortunately, most of the members never witnessed first hand Alamo’s actions. There is a reason and purpose that the theology of Tony and Susan Alamo was designed in the beginning to establish as it’s keynote scripture and base foundation ” Recieve not an accusation against an Elder ” .

One cannot spend an amount of time close to Tony Alamo w/o having your heart and soul absolutely corrupted. Those of us who did quickly came to a position of total justification and complete apathy.

Even still, it took a ” slap in the face ” indisputable incident for the light to go off in my head. I and several others were present in the ” spec house ” office when a brother gave Alamo $5000.00 cash. Alamo opened the envelope, counted it in front of us and stuffed it in his pocket.

A couple of months later Alamo had the brother back at the spec house, screaming and accussing him of witholding money from him and the cult. The brother stated that he gave Alamo $5000 cash. Alamo yelled that he had never given him any money, cash or otherwise.

I looked at the others, who like me had been present and witnessed the original $5,000 cash transaction from the brother and had watched Alamo count it. They all hung thier heads and stared at thier shoes.

That was the point of vexation saturation for me personally. This was undeniable, I had seen and heard the blatant lie w/ my own eyes and ears.

I had even previously had corroborated knowledge of Alamo’s sinful activities, but it took the guilt of not speaking up w/ the truth at that exact moment to drive me out of the cult and leave my lifelong friends.

A couple of years after I left the cult, I recieved another more personal confirmation. While I was still in the cult, I had taken a phone call at the spec house from a government offical. Alamo had me tell the official the he was not here and then put the call on speakerphone so he could listen and whisper to me what to say to him.

The official casually stated in the converstation that Alamo had a criminal record and a rap sheet. After the call was over, Alamo looked me in the eye and stated that he was not a criminal and had never been arrested or convicted of any crime.

Years later, I saw a copy of his FBI file. He has been arrested and convicted in Montana and other states for numerous crimes such as grand theft, embezzlement and rape.

The answer to the question, “Why can’t people easily see that Alamo is a sinful liar and ungodly criminal is not a simple one. It is actully complex w/ a myriad of reasoning involving each individual’s experience.

In a side notew, similar to the Larry Willis incident posted, Alamo was in that brother’s face yelling w/ his fist clenched at his side and his bodyguards near. The brother accidently flinched, Alamo leaped and ran backpedalling about 20 feet, screaming for the bodyguards to ” take him down ” .

What struck me most at the moment was how his tone of voice changed from a snarling cur dog to that of a wimpering fearful little girl squeal w/in a fraction of a second.

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