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The acid test for identifying a prophet of God is recorded by Moses in Deuteronomy 18:20-22. According to this Bible passage (and others), God’s prophets, as distinct from Satan’s spokesmen, are 100 percent accurate in their predictions. There is no room for error.

But the prophet, which shall presume to speak a word in My Name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die. And if thou say in thine heart, How shall we know the word which the LORD hath not spoken? When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.
Deuteronomy 18:20-22


May 2, 2008
Tony Alamo’s Prophecy: The First Born Will Die

Number of First Born who have been taken or died since the prophecy: 0

The statements on this program are documented below by the place in time that they are found on the recording. For Example, 5:10 represents 5 minutes and 10 seconds into the broadcast. Click HERE to listen to the broadcast in its entirety.

0:22 – 1:52

A very strong message from the Lord. It’s a prophecy against the government, against the news media. The Lord’s gonna take the first born of everybody that is involved in the taking away and that loves to see the children separated from their mothers and the mothers from their children on the what they call “compound” out in Texas. The Lord’s gonna take ‘em and if this isn’t come to pass, well then you’ll know I’m a false prophet. So uh brace yourself, those evil ones, you evil ones out there, for something that your not gonna like. See one thing that I have on you people is that you are having a ball. You really think it’s fun to do the things that you’re doing and God said He’s going to rejoice over you when He starts taking your kids away from you but you won’t be able to get them back because they’ll be gone FOREVER! Alright, I’ve got uh a message, a further message on that and I’m talking about uh Nancy Grace, I believe her name is, and uh a bunch of others that are sporting, having so much fun gloating over what you can do. But you know something? God can do a lot more than you.


The Bible says that no Christian ever turned anyone in to the secular government. No Christian allowed people to do the things to Christians. The only one that turned people in that uh claimed to be a Christian was Judas Iscariot. So all you people that love to turn people in, all you people that are attacking the house of God, you’re Judas Iscariots and you’re guts are gonna come outta you and uh you’re going to dead and you’re going to be in hell and in the lake of fire.

12:36 – 16:22

In the book, this book in the Bible that’s called, Romans, and I believe we’re in chapter 7. Verse 12 says, wherefore the law, God’s law is is if you sleigh somebody or take people’s children away from them, this is the law the REAL LAW. Not Anti-Christ, homosexual, child molesting law. Wherefore the law is Holy. God’s law is Holy. So what he says is Holy and the commandment Holy. He says let my people go you rascals. So the commandment is Holy, the law is Holy, God’s law is Holy and God’s law is just. Whatsoever a man soweth that also your gonna reap. And just…and…that the law of God His judgments are GOOD. Good (laughing) I love that. Was then that which is good made uh death unto me? God forbid. In other words everybody’s saying the law is no good, its over with, your gonna find out Nancy Grace and all you weasels that have taken these children away. Your gonna find out. You may say its not good we don’t like a God like that but God says he doesn’t like people like you! And so he’s gonna, IN LOVE, teach you a lesson. He’s gonna teach you a lesson. Now either these children are gonna be killed or there’s gonna be some horrible disease happen to you and them. So um Was then that which is good and the Bible says that the commandment is Holy and just and GOOD. God’s commandment says thow shalt not, thow shalt not commit murder, thow shalt not usurp the authority of the word of God. The Lord says that our children that we bare are OUR children. God said that women when they reach puberty, and that’s His law. The law is HOLY then that is Holy and you people are saying its unholy. The Bible says in the last days people will say that that which is good and Holy and just, is evil. No, you’re evil and now God’s gonna teach you a lesson and I had it confirmed from the Lord. I asked Him three different ways today if that was true what He’s gonna do to you folks. So wherefore the law is Holy, the word of God is Holy and what the Lord told me is Holy and the commandment is Holy, what he says is gonna happen is Holy and what He’s gonna do is just and GOOD. Now you people are having a ball goofing on Christians but God has had it with you and so you better put what your doing to a screeching halt and repent or what I’m telling you is going to come to pass. And I want you to judge me. If what I’m saying is not true then I’m a false prophet but if what I’m saying is true its gonna happen to you just like it did the Pharaoh in Egypt, his first born was taken.


So uh you have to keep the commandments or you won’t go to heaven. Now you can not keep the commandments unless the Lord is living in you and that’s why I’m telling all you people, including Nancy Grace, if you love your twins, then back off of this. You think you’re the, you’re the judge, the jury and the executioner don’t you? You simpleton! You little simpleton, you! Back off if you love your little kids! And if you love life. This is not only from me but it’s from the Lord. All right now Sharon, you have some input from those uh that that church in uh Texas. They say that uh the word of God is true that the law of God is true and that women can marry at puberty. THEY’RE WOMEN NOT CHILDREN you LICE out there. And be careful, you better change you mode of operand a because God’s gonna nail ya and I want you to remember that it was I, Tony Alamo, myself that told you what the Lord is going to do to you if you don’t repent.

29:55 – 32:20

So what would I do if I was the head of the world uh secular governement? I’m the head of the world’s spiritual government but if I were the head of the world uh secular government I would immediately pay farmers to grow things so that people would not be starving and uh I would be allowing people to have children and I would uh allow them to be married at puberty and I would allow them to have several wives because this uh government, the world government has murdered so many men there’s already now about 10 or 11 women to every man. And so but I would make them support their children. Now how they say its bad for old men, older men to marry but these young punks today these uh uh they can’t support anybody. They don’t even know how to work. All they know how is to play on the computer, computer games………they (the media) asked this young girl, “why don’t you get married to some young guy?” She says, “I don’t wanna get married to any of these young punks because they can’t even afford to buy me a hamburger, they say that I have to buy my own hamburger. I don’t like punks.” But they got a free thing over in the uh schools today, the secular schools uh the pubic schools. They say okay you kids, go ahead and fornicate, its alright, its alright. But don’t let an older man do it. Don’t let an older man marry you so that you’re not a fornicator and a murderer because marrying an older man that could support you and your children is evil. But having sex with these young boys is good because at least you can have some fun! And then you can go and murder the little child.


I know the custodian of the Ladder Day Saints uh church and he seemed to be a very nice guy to me. He invited me down to Kansas City and uh I went there. They wanted me to do a large promotion for them and I was uh very agreeable to do it but I didn’t really have anything that I could have done at that time and so I uh just said well lets wait and see uh what might arise that would be worthy of me uh taking some time to do a promotion for you. Alright and so uh and they were offering up a lot of money, three hundred and some million dollars they wanted to loan to me to do a promotion if I had one on my mind because they believed you know what I say. All right Sharon, lets hear some more from these wonderful people (the LDS). (Tony Alamo goes on to describe how the taking of the children is comparable to the taking of the Jews to the concentration camps and he further goes on to condemn the treatment of the children by Child Protective Services i.e. the Anti-Christ evil government).

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