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Written By: Concerned Citizens, Former Members and Children Born and Raised in the Alamo Cult in summer of 2006

Tony Alamo is posing as a Spiritual Leader, but he is an abuser of the innocent, a sexual predator preying on children and young women. He now controls the will of over 400 followers, the Men and Women (who are terrified of him and his dictates of abuse) and the Children, who have no voice and no human rights and must suffer the endless beatings, fastings and molestations in the name of God.

Many men, women (including Alamo Foundation school teachers) and children have been beaten by the minions (blind followers) of the Alamo Ministries, as well as by Pastor Alamo himself. Many were beaten, put on extended fasts, and mentally abused by this once thriving sect. Newspaper articles have recorded these facts. Everything you are about to read and much more can be found at Visit this informative site for verifiable facts, detailed history and current information on this dangerous and destructive religious group. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________


Tony Alamo has committed many morally reprehensible and illegal acts against his followers and he continues to perpetuate his abuses with out remorse. Below is a list of his atrocities. Some of these abuses are detailed, further on in this pamphlet.

Tony Alamo aka Bernie Lazar Hoffman is a convicted felon proclaiming himself to be a prophet and self-titled World Pastor, setting himself up as the infallible despotic spiritual leader of duped, ill-informed, followers (being deprived of their most basic freedoms) and their unprotected children, along with a handful of devoted followers doing Tony Alamo’s psychotic, controlling, dirty work, as he lives as sumptuously as possible off all their labors, all the while professing to be a holy man of God.

Tony Alamo is a deceiver for profit. His organizations, Arm Full of Help and Action Distributors are fronts to fund his lavish lifestyle, his radio broadcasts, and the enormous amounts of literature produced and distributed annually to propagate his radical agenda.

Tony Alamo is a pedophile. Raping, molesting & fondling young female children. He molests and rapes girls as young as 8 years old, then calls them his “wife” and proceeds to brag about “how tight they were” on his pulpit all the while professing to be a holy man of God.

Tony Alamo abuses under age children including his own son Tabor. He orchestrates and sanctions the marriages between young female children and older men. A few cases are: Jackie G. at 12 years old was married to Dale S. (a 30 year old). Wendy T. married at 12 yrs old to a much older man. On March 5th 2006 the Ft. Smith, Arkansas police department was alerted to an illegal wedding between 13yr old Leah W. to a 34 year old ex-convict. Alamo’s followers are so afraid of being kicked out of the group, put on extended fasts, or beaten that they willingly do whatever tyranny he dictates, including giving these men their young, innocent 12 and 13 year old daughters as brides..

Tony Alamo is violent and dangerous. He has ordered the brutal beatings of countless women, and children for well over 35 years and in some instances administering the beatings himself. He has been drunk on numerous occasions, at which point he beat and/or raped one or more of his many wives all the while professing to be a holy man of God.

Tony Alamo is a plagiarist Changing a few paragraphs then claiming authorship of Fred John Meldau’s the Messiah Book, all the while professing to be a holy man of God.

Tony Alamo is an opportunist. He uses his followers for his own gain by taking all that they have and leaving them no way out (even if they wanted out) and living lavishly off of their efforts. They give him everything and get beaten, starved, and raped in return. They obey his every command because they think him a prophet and a holy man of God. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________


For the first decade or so the Alamo Ministries owned many lucrative businesses, most notable being the “Alamo” line of clothing. The “employees” of these operations were Alamo Foundation volunteers who had pledged to work as their “service unto the Lord”. In return, according to Tony Alamo, the workers received room and board, training, healthcare, and had all of their other basic necessities met. All Alamo Foundation members (with outside employment) were ordered to turn over their paychecks and assets to further the work of the ministry.

[In 1976, the Department of Labor determined that the Alamo Foundation was in violation of the Fair Labor Standard Act for failing to pay wages to its many workers. The IRS eventually revoked the church’s tax-exempt status in 1985 after determining that it was really a profit-making entity meant to fund Alamo’s luxurious lifestyle. However, the pastor continued to ignore his taxes, and the IRS eventually seized millions of dollars in Alamo’s church property and business interests and put him behind bars [in 1994]. After Alamo served four years of a six-year sentence, all of his properties, businesses, and nonprofits were registered under the names of his followers. Since his release in 1998, he’s been trying to make a comeback and has targeted New York/New Jersey as one of several areas for growth—and for his polygamous radio message.] –Village Voice 5/14/08



Many have unknowingly supported the Alamo Ministries by tithing or donating to Tony Alamo’s organization through Arm Full of Help and other Alamo charity frauds. According to a recent Village Voice article dated 5/14/08,

[Alamo has a local following that runs at least two of what ex-members describe as profiteering schemes. One is named Arm Full of Help, a charity that former workers say misleads people by taking donated goods that are supposed to go to people in need but are instead sold for profit, which is then sent to Alamo. The other is Action Distributors Inc., a New Jersey salvage business that is accused of participating in a scheme to sell for profit thousands of mattresses that were supposed to be donated to Hurricane Katrina victims. Tempur-Pedic had donated approximately 8,000 mattresses and 7,000 slippers to a New Jersey nonprofit called Waste to Charity, which then contracted Action Distributors to give out the goods in storm-ravaged areas. Tempur-Pedic grew suspicious after being tipped off that those specific mattresses and slippers were being sold out of the back of trucks in Tennessee and Kentucky, and later on eBay. The mattress company hired an undercover consultant to pose as a buyer and instigated an FBI sting that found 2,650 of the donated mattresses in an Arkansas warehouse registered to two of Alamo’s “wives,” whose address was listed as a supermarket owned by Tony Alamo Ministries.

An undercover FBI investigation revealed that Scarcello had been selling the donated mattresses for profit to a number of secondhand retailers. While the connection between Waste to Charity and Alamo remains unclear, Tempur-Pedic’s complaint against Waste to Charity and Action Distributors calls Scarcello a “known associate” of the pastor.]

[According to former workers for the charity, Arm Full of Help is an Alamo-controlled business that sells donated goods for profit. Ex-workers say the charity is part of the same network of businesses and nonprofits as Action Distributors, keeping Alamo’s empire afloat. They estimate that up to 70 percent of the donations—meant to help the needy—are sold for profit.] —Village Voice

Alamo denies affiliations with these charities but according to Arm Full of Help’s website , contributions are tax deductible through Holiness Tabernacle Church, Inc. According to documents filed with the U.S. 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, available on their website , Holiness Tabernacle Church is an arm of Alamo Ministries. In addition, several of the spokespeople of Arm Full of Help, such as Susan McElroy (Susan McElroy-MillerScarcello), identified in a Los Angeles Times article shown on the Arm Full of Help website, are members of Alamo Ministries. The Village Voice goes on to report;

[When the Voice called Alamo’s church office in Arkansas, church volunteer Jennifer Kolbeck seemed to think that she’d answered the phone for Arm Full of Help: She identified herself as a volunteer at Arm Full of Help’s Arkansas branch and immediately launched into an explanation of how the charity and Alamo’s church were, in fact, separate entities. She said that Alamo gave money, food, and clothing donations to Arm Full of Help, as well as many other nonprofits, but that was the extent of the connection. But Kolbeck answers the phones at both the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries and Arm Full of Help, and she couldn’t say who her boss was at Arm Full of Help. “I don’t have that information,” she said, seeming not to understand the term “executive director.” (Many ex-members say they left the church simply because their kids weren’t learning anything in the church-run schools.)]

Were all these facts known to Arm Full of Help and Action Distributors’ contributors, it would be interesting to know how many would knowingly continue to contribute to Alamo’s lavish lifestyle, his radio broadcasts, and the enormous amounts of literature produced and distributed annually to propagate his radical agenda. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________


One of the Alamo Ministries’ many, million dollar enterprises was their rhinestone studded clothing sewing houses (in 1980s). Not only did Tony Alamo unlawfully use free labor from hundreds of his followers but he also forced children to spend hours (daily) setting rhinestones for Alamo Designs, depriving them of a quality education. According to a recent (2008) article by the Village Voice, these child labor violations continue today;

[Sarah remembers that even the kids were put to work for Arm Full of Help’s Arkansas branch, preparing donated food for resale. “They called it ‘volunteer work’ ” she says. “The kids would get nail-polish remover and take off the dates, then they repack it really nicely in these boxes. I did it, and the little treat for the kids is to go get an ice cone.”]



Children are subjected to abusive corporal punishment, as well as fasting, for minor infractions in the Alamo Ministries. This went on for years before it was exposed by the media in 1989. In 1988 he ordered the beating of an 11 year old child (Justin Miller) in the community, via speaker phone, ordering four male followers to hold the child spread eagle while being struck vigorously 140 times with a large wooden paddle, while Justin’s mother looked on. On March 25, 1988, this prompted a raid on the Saugus, California compound. Justin Miller was removed by the state and returned to his father, who had left the cult months earlier. Ex-members were starting to come forward with their stories that Alamo wielded such control over his followers that he literally would split up families and rearrange marriages at will.

The FBI launched a manhunt for Tony Alamo after he went on the run, following the charges. After years on the run and the tax evasion conviction the charges were, sadly, dropped. A 1995 article in the LA Times said this about the case;

[Prosecutors have decided not to pursue a child abuse case against flamboyant evangelist Tony Alamo because of a six-year federal prison sentence he received last year for tax evasion, authorities said. Alamo was accused of ordering followers at his Saugus church in 1988 to paddle a misbehaving 11-year-old boy about 140 times. The evangelist’s case has been frequently delayed because he was a fugitive for two years and was then tried and convicted on the tax charges. Alamo would probably have served only five months in state prison if convicted of child-abuse and child-endangerment charges, Deputy Dist. Atty. John Asari said. He said that wasn’t a long enough addition to the federal prison sentence to fight what would have been a difficult trial.]

In a recent taping (2008) of the Dr. Phil Show entitled “Cults’, a young girl accused Tony Alamo and his followers of putting the children on fasts for weeks at a time. Here is what Hannah said happened to her;

[“I got in trouble for not vacuuming the hallway, and my stepmom told me I had to go on a two-week fast. She would not allow me to eat or drink anything but water,” Hannah recalls. “I think it was going on to the second week, and I was playing with my friends outside. I passed out and fell to the ground. They came and picked me up, and they called my dad. My dad came to see me, if I was all right, and they told him it was from sun exhaustion, and I know it wasn’t. I couldn’t even move sometimes, because I was so weak.”] —Dr. Phil Show



Alamo continues to deny charges of polygamy, sexual abuse, and domestic violence but many people have come forward with detailed accounts of what they have experienced first hand in the Alamo group. The SPLC [Southern Poverty Law Center] did an article in March ’08 where Tony Alamo’s own stepdaughter claims he raped her ;

“Tony raped me in Vegas, and my mother didn’t believe it and told me to get my ass out and I was a liar and I was trying to take her man.” She goes on to say, “They [Tony and Susan Alamo and a few followers] beat me into insensibility. All of them. I had my baby in my arms, so it was all I could do to [keep] her from getting hit. My eyes were black, my lips were big as balloons, my nose was busted, hair ripped out. Some of them even pinched me. They were going to put me in a coma and say I’d fallen down the stairs.”

Alamo is regularly heard on his radio programs promoting polygamy. He has been stated as saying that as soon as a girl menstruates she can be married, even as young as 10 years old. In an October ’07 article , the SPLC reports;

“Alamo argues that girls should marry once they start menstruating — even if they are as young as 10. In one September 2006 broadcast, he put it like this: “God impregnated Mary when she was about 11 years old. So the government idiots, the people that don’t know the Bible, what you’re going to have to do is get a hold of God now, you’re going to have to get up there and ‘cuff him and send him to prison for statutory rape.”

The SPLC has also added the Tony Alamo Ministries to their list of Hate Groups. Steven Hassan, a licensed mental health counselor and an exit counselor was a guest on Anderson Cooper 360° and was quoted as saying ,

“Two cult groups that authorities need to expose is the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries – the similarities to power hungry Warren Jeffs is frightening – and another organization called The Children of God, also known as The Family. Both these groups sexually abuse children and women.”

Hassan is author of Combatting Cult Mind Control: The #1 Best-selling Guide to Protection, Rescue, and Recovery from Destructive Cults, and Releasing the Bonds: Empowering People to Think for Themselves. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________


In 1989 Alamo married Sharon Ast-Kroopf (now Sharon Miriam Hoffman), in her late 30’s at the time – after Tony removed her husband, David, from the group. She married Tony, who at the time was a fugitive, in hiding from charges of felony child abuse in California. Tony and Sharon had a son, Sion, together in the summer of 1991, while Tony was in jail awaiting trial for threatening Federal Judge Morris Arnold.

In California in February 1993 Tony Alamo took Lydia W., an African American, as a second wife. Lydia was in her early 30’s. They have a son, Tabor, together. She and her son are mistreated more than the others and are both referred to as “nigger” by Alamo. A woman in Tony’s house witnessed the following:

“Lydia was sitting beside me one night in Tony’s office. She was reading something to Tony and messed up on her wording, so Tony got up from his chair and stormed over to me and Lydia and punched her in the face so hard that we both fell backwards. She tried to crawl away from him and that only made him madder. He grabbed her pant leg and pulled her back and continued to punch her. Then he stopped and went back to his chair like nothing ever happened and made Lydia come back and sit down and made her finish reading to Tony, as blood was gushing out of her mouth where Tony had beat her. He would not let anyone even give her a Kleenex or washcloth to help stop the bleeding. He said he wanted to see that “black nigger” try and talk with her face and mouth all swollen. To Tony it was entertaining.”

Lydia often reads responses on Alamo’s radio broadcast. In California in February 1993 Tony Alamo “married” Jody. She was 17 years old. Her Testimony:

“Tony began talking about the flames of hell and how someone in the room wasn’t listening to God and marrying him and such. Well, the only other person in the room besides me would be him on most occasions when he would talk about these things. After hearing him say all this stuff, how I was going to die very shortly and go to hell. I finally told him crying that I lived my life for God and I wanted to do God’s will. He then made arrangements to take me to Palm Springs to “marry” me. I was terrified and asked to call my mom back in Arkansas. Tony told me I could not and he would make sure I never saw my family again unless I “consummated” the marriage. He even threatened to have some of the “brothers” drive me out to the desert and leave me there unless I slept with him. It was February 15th. Niki R. was there in Palm Springs. She knew how awful it was for me. I was dry heaving and couldn’t sleep for days (found out lack of sleep was something I needed to become accustomed to later). The consummation didn’t happen for a while, but I knew he would sooner or later force himself. That did happen, and at first it was awful. I would cry the whole time. But in time I learned a very valuable trick on “my nights” with Tony. I learned how to separate myself from myself. I would actually allow my mind to take me elsewhere during that time. That is why he went around telling people that sleeping with me was like sleeping with a corpse and that I didn’t like sex so something was wrong with me. Tony was very careful when he took me for a wife. He didn’t want the church to know because the idea of polygamy wasn’t accepted by his following yet. It later became pretty common knowledge around the church. Anyway, after a few months went by, I saw Tony take, Isabel, Misheal (breaking up their marriage and taking her for himself), Tami (breaking up their marriage and taking her for himself as well), and Angel”.

Jody left Tony and the Foundation in Dec 1993 and was a witness for the IRS in the tax case in June 1994.

In California in 1993 Maria Isabel Mendoza (aka Isabel Mendoza) became another Alamo “wife” at age 19.

In 1993 Misheal Eden Jones-Williams became Tony’s “wife” at 18 years old. She was already married to Kenya Williams (African American) and pregnant with his child at the time. Alamo kicked Kenya out of the group and took his wife. Kenya was the son of Diana Elena Williams- Alamo, a legal ex-wife of Alamo’s in the late 80’s. Jordan (Kenya’s son) was born in Alamo’s house and Alamo currently refers to him as “the bastard” and “the nigger”. There are witnesses that can verify that Alamo, in a rage, cruelly beat and kicked Jordan. (Diane Elana Williams-Alamo testified against Tony in the IRS trial which could account for the revenge of treating her grandchild so brutally.) Jordan and Misheal are still there and she often reads the responses on Tony’s radio broadcast.

In California, on October 15, 1993 Tami became Tony’s “wife” at age 17. She was already married at the time to Randy and they had a small baby. Tony kicked Randy out of the group and then took his wife and child. Tami’s Testimony:

“In summer of next year (1994), he was incarcerated on charges by the IRS. That story is a book in itself, but now I was living in even more trauma. He had amassed twelve wives by now. Twelve women locked in a house, day in and day out. The only thing we could count on was his phone calls, ever increasing, always a ride. We were God’s chosen on one day. We were blessed, everyone was the most beautiful, and we were on top of the world. The next day, we were the scum of the earth, unworthy, cut off. We never knew if we might find ourselves sitting in a house that was not paid for, with no food, and no money. We needn’t have worried. Then, I thought he was God’s best friend. Now I know he depended on us to give him his power. I slept, but I never slept. I ate, but the food went right through me. In my dreams I ran away. In the daytime I pretended. After two and a half years, I began to wake up. I believed in God still. I cried to him every day. I was thousands of miles away from my family. I had no money. I was only nineteen. I didn’t know how to run away with my baby, but that is what I desperately needed to do. I knew it”.

Tami left Tony and the group in January 1996 and shortly thereafter reunited with her husband, Randy.

In 1993 Angela Marie Morales (aka Angel Streit) became a “wife” in Arkansas at age 20. Her mother Suzanne and step-father, Bob Streit, are still with the Alamo group.

In Arkansas in January 1994, Elizabeth Mercado (aka “Lizzy” Gutierrez) became Tony’s “wife”. She had just turned 16 years old. She bore a child to Tony, a girl, Antoinette, in June of 2001. Lizzy and her parents were threatened with expulsion from the group and eternal damnation if they did not comply with Alamo’s demand for her virginity.

In Arkansas in February 1994, Jeanne became another Alamo “wife” at age 15. Her parents were kicked out of the group a few years later.

Tony raped and/or consummated the “marriages” in all of the above relationships. He never got marriage licenses but to his congregation he refers to these women/girls as his wives and he gave them all wedding rings.

In May & June of 1994 – IRS trial in Memphis, Tennessee resulting in Alamo’s conviction and incarceration in Federal prison. Tony lived in Memphis, TN with his “harem” during the trial proceedings. In November of 1994 he was moved to Federal prison in Florence, Colorado. His “harem” moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado at the end of Nov 1994. Right before (and during the time Tony was incarcerated in Colorado) (approx Nov 94 to late 95) the following girls joined his household (and visited him regularly in prison):

Eliza, at 8 yrs old, came to Tony’s wives’ house in Sept 1994 while he was in Memphis jail, under the pretense of being a playmate for Tony’s stepdaughter, Becky Kroopf (Cunneen). Eliza was being “groomed” as a wife and Tony was constantly asking if she had reached puberty yet. She visited him in Colorado prison and was fondled by him and subjected to vile sex talk there. She left Colorado and the Alamo group at the end of 1995 with her family.

Katrina was 11 years old when she was at Alamo’s wives house in Memphis and later in Colorado. She also went there under the pretense of being a playmate for Tony’s stepdaughter, Becky. Alamo told Katrina that she was his “wife”. She visited Alamo in prison in Colorado, was fondled, and subjected to vile sex talk. During this time Tony Alamo would not allow her to go home to her parents. She and her family have been out of the Alamo cult since 1996.

Cindi was married and had two children (and was pregnant) when her husband was kicked out of the group. When he was kicked out Alamo demanded that Cindi come to live with the “harem” in Colorado. She was being groomed as a wife.

“His message to me was if I didn’t become one of the wives, my daughter would die. In my state of mind, (brainwashed) I believed him. I agreed to become one of the wives. Shortly after, I was sent a pass to the prison.”

She visited Tony in prison and was subjected to vile sex talk. (She left the group in 1995.) In Dec 1995 Tony was moved to Federal prison in Texarkana, Arkansas. In July 1998 Alamo was moved to a halfway house in Texarkana. In Dec 1998 he was released from prison.

The following girls joined his household while he was still in prison, in the halfway house, or after his release. The following girls are in no specific order of when they came to his house. According to eye-witnesses the girls are beaten regularly by Alamo and also Alamo makes the girls beat each other.

Amy, 14 years old when she went to Tony Alamo’s house and became a “wife”. She moved into the house with the other “wives” and was wearing a wedding ring given to her by Alamo, while he was still in prison. Many witnesses can verify that Amy has been severely beaten by Alamo on many occasions.

“I saw Amy beaten. She was beaten until she was covered in blood. Her lips, nose, and eyes all swollen to a bloody mess. Her white shirt had blood spattered all over it. Tony had beaten her with his bare hands punched, slapped, and kicked her. She was screaming and crying so bad. I will never forget it. He continued beating her about 20 minutes non-stop from one end of the house all the way to her bedroom and shut the door. After that all I heard were the screams. I could no longer see what was happening.”

Nikki was 13 years old when she first visited Alamo in Texarkana federal prison and subjected to his vile sex talk. After his release she lived in his home in Fouke, Arkansas. She was assaulted by Alamo at age 15 and escaped out of his house in fear of her life. She left the group immediately afterwards. She also witnessed him beating other girls (Amy and Jeanne) and Jordan (Misheal’s son).

In 1999, Pebbles aka Yvonne was 12 years old when she went to live with Alamo in Fouke, Arkansas and became Tony’s “wife” shortly thereafter. Witnesses have stated they saw Pebbles going into Alamo’s bedroom and coming out with her sheets. She told witnesses that she was a wife and wore a wedding ring. Sometime after that, Alamo changed her name to Yvonne R.

Alys Ondrisek went to Tony Alamo’s house in Fouke, Ark at 11 yrs old. Her brother, Erik, who is out of the group, called Ark Child Protection in 2000. HER MOTHER, DEBBIE, IS STILL IN THE GROUP AND FEELS PRIVILEGED THAT HER DAUGHTER IS MARRIED TO THE “WORLD PASTOR.”

D. K. (born spring of 1991) was 8 years old when she went to live in Tony’s house in Fouke, Arkansas in the spring of 1999, and shortly thereafter became his “wife”. D.K.’s aunt, Misheal Jones Williams, is also an Alamo wife. D.K.’s parents are John and Jennifer K.. Jennifer solicits charitable contributions for Arm Full of Help.

Jamie (born approx ‘89) was approximately 11 years old when Alamo claimed her as a new bride. She has lived in Alamo’s house for many years. Her mother stated in 2006 on that Jamie no longer lives with Alamo and is home with her. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________


Anyone who attempts to expose the atrocious crimes that Tony Alamo is committing against children gets a heavy dose of threats and character assassinations from Alamo and his devoted followers. On several recent Alamo internet/radio broadcasts (found on the Alamo Ministries website), Alamo threatened Nancy Grace and her twins, as well as Dr. Phil. The community of Fouke, Arkansas, where Alamo resides, has been harassed and threatened for years.


To learn more about Tony Alamo’s exploits from former members or to get more information on cults, in general, log on to and go to Cult Discussion Board. To read testimonies from people who lived through the abuse go to the Alamo Factnet Discussion Board.

If you do not know for sure if you may be involved in a cult, go to ICSA web site (International Cultic Studies Association) at to get more detailed information and make an informed decision.

If you believe you are a victim of spiritual abuse there is help available to you. Contact Wellspring Retreat at: or (740)-698-6277.

Another resource for information and help: Contact Freedom of Mind Center at: or (617) 628-9918.

If anyone has any information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of Tony Alamo please contact your local law enforcement agency immediately and then send a detailed email to

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