Texarkana Gazette
June 13, 2014
By Evan Lewis – Texarkana Gazette

Tony Alamo properties sold to partially satisfy large civil judgment

Jeff Landers with U.S. Marshals Service accepts a bid on one of the five properties previously owned by Tony Alamo during an auction Thursday morning.

The church and three others properties in Fouke, Ark., and one in Texarkana, Ark., were all sold to the highest bidders.

Approximately 40 people attended the public sale on the steps of Miller County Courthouse.

According to attorneys representing the sale, most of the properties had been damaged to some extent.

Fouke Mayor Terry Pervis said the sale marks the end of this chapter and that he was proud of the residents of Fouke for rising above the stigma of being associated with the church and its leader.

• The church building had six bidders registered. Bidder No. 4 won the auction with an opening bid of $30,000.

• The gymnasium had three bidders registered. Bidder No. 2 won the auction for $10,000.

• Alamo’s personal residence had five bidders registered. Bidder No. 1 won the auction for $23,000.

• The last Fouke property had five bidders registered. Bidder No. 1 won the auction for $13,000.

• The one property in Texarkana, Ark., had three bidders registered. Bidder No. 2 won the auction for $2,000.

Total sales for the day grossed $78,000.

Two additional properties will be auctioned off next month by the state of Arkansas.

The properties were sold to partially satisfy a $30 million civil judgment Alamo owes to Seth Calagna and Spencer Ondrisek, two men who were beaten, starved and denied education as children raised in Tony Alamo Ministries.

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  1. M. Wong Says:

    This type of human and child abuse by criminal cults has been happening time and again in the United States, yet there is no lack of people joining these organizations and willingly giving up their responsibility to protect their wife and children from sexual abuse by such cult leaders. Who is to blame? Certainly those abusive cult leaders, but the members who willingly subject themselves and their family to the abuse are to be blamed as well. If they want to believe in the Christian God, there is the Bible for them to read. Why do they want to believe in anyone who claims himself alone has the previlige to communicate with God and exercise God’s power? Shouldn’t they have done a bit of reflection and a bit of review of cult history before plunging into a cult, bringing with them their families as well? God has given them intelligence and wisdom and expected them to use them, but cult members chose to believe all what the cult leader wanted them to believe without using the precious intelligence and wisdom God has endowed them with. Can they later blame others other than themselves? The answer is a resounding NO!!!

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