July 31 – August 2, 2015 – COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO: Recovery Workshop for Former Group Members

Recovery Workshop for Former Group Members

When: Friday 3:00 p.m. July 31, 2015 to Sunday 3:00 p.m. August 2, 2015

Where: Franciscan Retreat/Conference Center, Colorado Springs, Colorado

These workshops are for former group members only, not family or friends (ICSA has other events for these persons. ICSA also has a special workshop for former group members who were born or raised in high-demand groups.)

Topics discussed typically include:
The nature of psychological manipulation and abuse
Conditions of thought reform programs
General recovery needs of former members
Effects of hypnosis and trance techniques
Critical thinking
Relationships and intimacy
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Boundaries: re-establishing trust
Reestablishing trust in yourself and others
Dependency issues
The grieving process
Reintegration/identity issues
Special track for those born into or raised in a cultic group
The workshops are organized and coordinated by Carol Giambalvo, a thought reform consultant, former member of a controversial group, and author/editor of Exit Counseling: A Family Intervention and The Boston Movement: Critical Perspectives on the International Churches of Christ (Herbert L. Rosedale, co-editor). Mrs. Giambalvo serves ICSA as Director of Recovery Programs, which include workshops, special publications, professional liaison, and outreach.

We cannot accept onsite registrations, and we cannot guarantee acceptance of registrations received within 14 days of the workshop start date.

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