THE CULT LEADER HAS NO CLOTHES: A Survival and Escape Story by Benjamin Risha

THE CULT LEADER HAS NO CLOTHES: A Survival and Escape Story

by Benjamin Risha

The Cult Leader has No Clothes: A survival and escape story.

A true story of a Lebanese-Jewish child who was abandoned in, survived, and escaped a religious cult’s grasp in America.

This is a picture of me sitting on Tony Alamo’s lap.

My background

In 1975 I was born into a religious cult where my parents abandoned me. I survived it and escaped when I was seventeen years old.

I’ve written a book about my experience.

I hope you enjoy it.

I must be about 2 years old in this picture. This was taken in Arkansas near Dyer.

My writing roots

The day I met my biological siblings my sister handed me an empty journal and said, “You know, you really should write down your stories.”

This book would not be possible had she not done that. I have been journaling and writing ever since.

That's me on the left showing off a slightly larger fish I caught in Colorado during a contest.

My style

My style is fact-based, and eager to show irony.

This book is written in 3rd person and is non-fiction.

All of the events are true, but I have changed the names of everyone except that of the cult leaders and myself. Most of the dialogue is based on interviews, stories, and my memories of events. In some instances I made up the dialogue to support the events, which occurred, but I was not present to hear the exact wording. In these instances I was careful to use dialogue from similar events where I was present or I applied verbiage based on how well I knew the people speaking and what they most likely would have said in order to accomplish their goal.

Currently, the best method of contact is email.

Offering e-Book $19.99(Or pre-order for hard copy)

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