9/27/08 – KFI AM 640 Talk Radio: Tony Alamo…Evangelical Barbie Jacket Designer?!? Alamo Sound Bites (humor)

KFI AM 640
Tony Alamo…Evangelical…Barbie Jacket Designer?!?
Tuesday 09-23-2008 8:32pm PT

Click on the link below to listen to the broadcast. The first 15 minutes is all about Alamo and sound bites discussed…“I like it, I love it, I want a lot more of it!”, “Crummy Pig, You!” and much more!

KFI_AM_640 Talk Radio_Kennedy&Suites


Okay, so not only does Tony Alamo run kooky Evangelical Compounds in both Arkansas and Santa Clarita. And not only does he think that girls are ready to marry as soon as they hit puberty. Did you know he was king of the ’80s Airbrushed Denim Jacket?? How DOES one go from denim jacket painter to Messiah? Here is one of his masterpieces:

Barbie Jacket

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