In Memory Of

In Remembrance

Maurilia Romero

Gordon B. Mac Gregor

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In: In Memory Of

We Need YOUR Help For This Page

There have been many wonderful people whose memory we would like to honor. Unfortunately, we have names but no pictures. It is our hope that the family members and friends of the deceased would consider contributing information to this page by submitting photos of your loved one’s, as well as a few words to describe their lives to honor their memories.

If there is a loved one that you would like to see posted on this page, please submit your requests through the “Contact” page under the “Required Contact Reason” section by choosing “To Submit Information” from the drop down menu then include your request in the comments/message section. You will then be contacted by email and will have the opportunity to submit any photos or words to describe your loved ones, at that time.

In: In Memory Of

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