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  1. melody Says:

    I am hoping I can add a picture of Tony at his arrest in Flagstaff. Here goes…
    P.S. Thank for all your efforts and hard work. Sincerely.
    Nevermind – it won’t let me but it is on the Topix/Fouke site in photos.

  2. Erik O Says:

    o happy day
    o happy day
    when tony lost
    when tony lost
    and they put him away
    o happy day

  3. forever bored in the service of the Lord Says:

    after years of restlesness I can finally sleep again. All I have to do is imagine papa tony screaming at the top of his lungs in cell block D.

  4. Ridge Kid Says:

    I went to pay Papa Tony a visit when he was in jail in Tampa. I was not on the approved list of visitors (imagine that). I will be paying him another visit this time. He will not be able to forget the faces of his victims. They will haunt him for the rest of his sorry days!

  5. PACA Says:

    Yea I’m mad. I understand wanting to tell the Alamo story from both sides. That’s the news. I know it is all about ratings and who can get the exclusive. There are a lot of people who will feel sorry for those parents because they don’t know any better, (the viewers not the parents). Nobody likes to see children cry and be scared. They were scared. We are the Devil. That’s what the children know of us.

    The video that the news should be showing but cant be, is the testimonies of the children telling of the abuse they’ve suffered. Those truths can only be printed in the paper. They should show the girl tell how at 12 was felt up by Alamo. Show them telling of the beatings they suffered and of whom held them down, like Sharon Alamo or their own parents. Show a video of the children telling about going without food and being took out of their parents home to go live with the pervert. Let’s show those film clips on the news. Instead of the ones the Alamos furnished the media of the parents crying their fake cry. Let’s show the public some real despair.

  6. Savage Dreamer Says:

    The dreamer has dreamed, and the vision is sheol for the parasite who bled from children and innocents so many.. the pompous yet terrified ex ‘leader’.. goes to the twisted hell that he created for so many. Fitting end to the tyrant so filled with hate. And to think… You A`lame~O’ said such cruel things and dreamed up such misery for me.. and yet my dreams have come true.. Both the good and the diffult, but all life changing; And what is your future? you are in the hell you created. rot in pieces dur Leeder.

  7. OneOfTheSaugusTrombonePlayers Says:

    Hi survivors!
    I was in the Saugus orchestra from 1972-1973, played trombone (badly, not my instrument really, sorry…) and made my escape in the winter of 1973 from Saugus 2.
    Around that time Tony and Susan’s slave-labor produced home was in the works, we were sleeping on the floor with one blanket, I caught pneumonia and Martin the trumpet player took me to LA county hospital, probably saved my life.

    I have often wondered what happened to everybody, there were quite a few cool people in the melee’ that comprised that heavy political life of the early days. Looks like it actually got worse, sad to say.

    I was there when Neil Young came to film the services, (I’m on that recording of King Of Kings that Tony loves to play on his radio show.) I was there when Jim caught on fire trying to prime a carburetor.

    We started the toilet-flushing rationing about that time.
    The “Crash Crew” had not been invented yet.

    Thanks to the founders of the TA News site, we are all able to post the good news that there IS life after the T&SA Foundation experience, and voice the hope that others read this and don’t fall for the song-and-dance. It’s a well honed scam that Tony’s running, nothing more.

    I hope that those “inside” will realize that they can get out, and will do so before it’s too late.

    My best to the survivors, hope you have a great Christmas.

    Dave L

  8. wild paca Says:

    Keep up the good work. Really appreciate your updates, and a resource I can pass on to others interested in learning the truth about Alamo.

  9. Erin Says:

    First of all I want to say thank you all for this blog site. I have had first hand experiences with the cult members of Tony Alamo. Alamo is a heretic, a liar, and a false teacher, and he is an enemy of the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray for him to be saved for real.

    One day I was walking down the street and I saw one of Alamo’s cult members passing out his leaflets and literature. I got into a conversation with the man and we began to discuss the Gospel. Like his master, Tony Alamo, this man denied that we are saved by grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone. He teaches that we are saved by keeping the Law and doing good works. I asked him “How can one be saved” the man said “You must please God and keep His Laws perfectly”. I said “Have you ever met anyone apart from Jesus Christ Himself who has ever done this?” THIS TONY ALAMO PUPPET SMILED AT ME AND SAID “YOU ARE LOOKING AT JUST SUCH A PERSON.”! ! ! Need I say more?

  10. dave Says:

    Great work. All of their cults need to be eliminated.

  11. the wrath of enoch Says:

    If tony is put away,it will confirm the truth of the Bible for me.Not as a historical fact,much less a confirmation of God as a reality,but as a collection moral guidelines not to be taken lightly.Though I choose not to acknowledge God in a literal sense,the possibilty is never far from my mind.

  12. John Hart Says:

    hellow everyone, good to know that tony will pay on this side as well as on the other side.  would like to talk with old friends.

  13. trouble in sodom good times in gomorrah Says:

    glad to see such a negative force bound. may he be bound for a thousand years.

    all is well with gomorrah.
    however sodoms forcast is very dark with a chance of wrath and brimstone later on.

    gomorrahs not far. and we have more salt than we know what to do with cause everybodys looking back.

    the blindness is going away.
    and people are gettin back into the swing of things.
    praise be

  14. Mark Kanzler Says:

    I hope they find him some very friendly cellmates for Tony Alamo in prison.
    Prefrrably they will be as well endowed as he claims to be.

  15. erik the red Says:

    your kids love you we just want you to pull your heads out of your asses. and start acting your age.

  16. PACA Says:

    No matter what the out come of this trial, I’ll try to remember it is only earthly justice. His true judgement will come later. God bless the witnesses, informants and R Harris for making this happen. It was them that put Alamo where he is. We pray he stays there.

  17. Liberty Says:

    Hello All
    Im always the last to find stuff.. but no matter.. sure do like the fact that good still prevails and evil will be rewarded with judgement.
    Its taken a long time and am very glad the kids are having their day in court. See you there . am going to look around..

  18. cindi jo Says:

    This is a great site. I’m thankful to all the victims who have joined together and shared with the world what really went on in the “Tony Alamo Ministries”.That place was no place of God and it’s disgusting that it’s even refered to as a ministry.It’s just horrific what that piece of slime has done to so many lives. I love how Benjamin describes him. He’s going to pay though and it’ll be on this side and the other. He’s the sickest thing on this planet.

  19. cindi jo Says:

    It’s just sick what that thing has done to so many lives. NO MORE!! Thank God. He needs to pay and it’s going to be soon because the trial is going well and the truth is being exposed. I can’t wait when the jury finds him guilty. He needs to be thrown with all the other prisoners. They’ll take care of his ass! I just want them to keep him alive so he suffers like he made us suffer and then when he dies he’ll pay for eternity!!

  20. Ridge Kid Says:

    And now we wait..The jury has heard & seen the truth finally. I pray that justice is finally served and TA gets what he deserves.

    To the victims who testifed…kudos to you for your unwavering strength and your heart-breaking stories that you so bravely told. We love you!

  21. Rebecca Levy Gay Says:

    Excellent site. Thank you for the time and effort you have put into this one stop information buffet! I get your email alerts and especially love that resource.

    To every person whose life has been impacted by the sickening and intentionally harmful actions, words, and efforts of Tony Alamo…. know that one day Tony Alamo will come face to Face with the God, whose character and Name he has marred; without doubt, that will be a day of terror for Tony Alamo.

    All my love and endless prayers,

  22. Mother Says:

    Congratulations! God bless you.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  23. paffsb Says:

    God is Good. Bernie Lazar Hoffman is evil. Thanks to the jury for reaching the verdicts that will take BLH out of our society. It is the way it should be.

  24. Jake Brown Says:

    My name is Jake and I have a twin sister Suzette, who was sucked into this cult nearly two years ago. I have spoken to her a few times with little chance of re-establishing the brother-sister relationship we once had. Fact of the matter is, she was breaking up with her fifty something year old boyfriend at the time and was a perfect target for this organization. Suzette was using hard drugs like Meth, and had a major falling out with my entire family over her loser boyfriend.
    She has been brain washed and I hope that the imprisonment of Tony Alamo, the organizations leader, results in the deterioration of this cult compound in Southern California. I would like to have my sister back at some point but know that she will have to be re-integrated back into society or be deprogrammed by someone who specializes in cases like this.

  25. cindi jo Says:

    Guilty..Guilty…Guilty. The shit is now going to pay for the rest of his pathetic life on this side and then suffer for eternity! Pappa Perv has made his bed and now he can sleep in it.
    Today is one heck of a day to celebrate! Thank God and everyone else who has helped expose this sick bastard.

  26. kurt blanchard Says:

    about time this so called man of god be put in jail he sould be put to death for what he did i know he is going to hell thats were he belong

  27. Joe Says:

    I live in Northern NJ and see our cars continually littered with Alamo’s trash. He obviously has a faithful follower up here. I feel sorry for those in the cult. Once again it’s man making man his god. The worst kind of cult is a “christian” cult. You can put COBU in there as well. Very sad!

  28. Brad Stiewel Says:

    I had dealings with this A.H. back in 1971 when the Alamo ranch was out in Saugus. My friend Curt Harrington move in with them, and his mom paid me to try to get him out for deprogramming. My friends an I who had gone to talk to him were threatened with death by both Tony and Sue, and forced out of the compound at gunpoint, then followed about 20 miles down sierra highway. I know that Curt left the group a while back and just wondered whatever happened to him. Anybody?

  29. PACA Says:

    I really like the new picture of Alamo on the home page. Mouth agape, loss of words, stunned. He was looking at his goodbye sign and listening to the crowd yelling at him. Priceless. He could have had it all but he chose sin.

  30. Debbie Jones Says:

    I also had a friend Jerry Wright who moved into the Saugus location. I attended in the early 70’s but never moved in.I knew even then things were not quite right.I am happy to hear TA is locked up but the damage has been done to all those followers.What brave people those who testified were! I would’nt think they had nerve to testify because of all the backlash they would get. How very BRAVE they all were.Believe me, you don’t say anything bad about that group or they will jump done your throat and say you are possessed by the devil. Even the simply questions like “Why do Tony and Susan live so so much better than you?”If anyone has any info on Jerry Wright or his family I would very much appreciate it!

  31. Bev Peters Says:

    i was at the foundation for about 14yrs../ i left in late 1986…wen things were just starting to get to get whacky…sure am glad i`m free..just found this site…would love to hear from anyone that was involved in this mess..i miss the people & would love the emotional one can ever fully understand us & what & why that we`ve been through..except ourselves ..true love in christ

  32. john carter Says:

    Rot in hell tony!!!!!!!

  33. justin f. Says:

    i am so glad we have gotten this monster out of the civilized world and in a jail where he belongs. i live not far from Fouke and am glad to see this man behind bars and no real chance at getting out. what goes around comes around and from what i hear folks in jail dont like others that have treated children like this. i hope that someone will make bernie their “wife”.

  34. Bruce Browne Says:

    Kudos to those, whoever you are, that’ve put this wonderful site together.
    The cult has been decapitated.
    May it now wither and die

  35. Tyler Lee Hill Says:

    I know Tony Alamo’s case personally I know most of the people who were and are involved with it. They will all tell you, the ones who are thankfully out and on their own living a “true life,” that Tony is a sick man who is doing some really messed up things. Thankfully the man is behind bars for the rest of his life and if your waiting to see if he can live through his sentence because he calls him self a “prophet of god,” well your wasting your time. The man is nothing more than a sick pedophile who enjoys beating the weak, taking away peoples lives, their kids, their money, and anything a person can hold dear. This man is an absolute insane nut case and he and his ministry will and must be shut down for good!

  36. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, nice site here, and good to read that most of the comments and contacts you get have been positive; there’s nothing worse than those who are so brainwashed that they will stick up for their leader no matter what.
    Just found this site tonight when I decided to look up what had happened to Alamo recently. Good to hear he’ll be in jail for what’s left of his life, as some idiot had put some of his literature on my mom’s car. Nice welcome back from coming out of seeing The Dark Knight movie with her and the nephew. Makes me wonder if whoever had that literature in the first place knew of his predicament.
    I don’t have a problem with those spreading the gospel, but for those wasting their time with someone such as this?

    Hopefully they’ve since learned from that day.

    Thanks for the site. Now excuse me while Tony rots.

  37. Tami Says:

    I just watched the Oprah episode today of the child brides that Tony Alamo took their innocent lives. It especially breaks my heart that their parents and many adults in this foundation cult did not represent them and protect them from him. Tony Alamo’s brainwashing ways and control is a complete factor and anyone with a sane mind could see that God would not condone the harm he imposed on these innocent girls. It is my prayer that he spends the remainder of his days in prison and pays a great price for the hurt he has caused and it is the responsibility of justice and the adults around these young girls to ensure he NEVER gets out of prison to harm any of them. God bless each of you …

  38. Tami Says:

    To ensure that he NEVER gets out of prison to harm any of them. God bless each of you is my prayer. How sad for all of you.

  39. Greatful Says:

    Just a few moments ago I was reading some of the garbage that Tony wrote on his website and his version of what happened at the trial and it made me so sick and angry!! I asked my boyfriend ” do people really believe what Tony is saying?” he said, “yes”. It made me angry and sad at the same time. I decided to get on here and see what the latest news on him was because I haven’t since the trial. I didn’t realize how many people actually believe us until I started reading all of your comments. I’m happy that there are people out there who know we are not lying I just hope that there are more that do believe then more that don’t!
    how he can sit there and say those things never happened and the wives that are still standing up for him knowing they were beat and abused too how they can lie for him is just beyond understanding!!!! Thank U all!!!!!!!!

  40. hydell Says:

    Keep in mind it’s not over. Like a bad movie, it’s still there. People still follow him. I think there are still 90 missing children…
    Each one of these people are in need just like you and me…so now what?
    I’m glad to site the site turning a page.:)….but its not over.


    Turn yourself in. It’s not worth all of this. I know you are tired of running and hiding. My concern is how is Benjamin and the rest of the kids are.
    John, if you really believe in Jesus Christ as you told me and as we spoke about on several months of you coming to the market then you know the Lord will take care of you. And you will trust in him for the right thing to do. I know you’re not scared and I know that you meant no harm to any of the kids. You were just doing your job within the church as Tony told you to. It’s not your fault that he corrupted your mind as his. John, go do it my friend. Turn yourself in and let’s get on with life…
    Shame is hard to deal with but pray it will be OK. I promise that’s what you told me to do and it works.
    Trust me, John, it really does.
    Hope 2 CYA soon, Buddy. Take care and tell Jennifer and the kids they are thought of daily.

  42. JEDH Says:

    It’s so sad to think there are still those who worship and adore that piece of slime, called t.a. I am thankful for the ones who are no longer there and living their lives with their minds back; ie not brainwashed by sue and tony. I am counted as one of those. EVER and EVER SO THANKFUL…

  43. Eddie Says:

    Sometime in Feb.1972,Hollywood Ca. I was invited to ride the old blue bus to the foundation church in Saugus for a service and dinner,so I went. What a rude awakening that was. The service was musical with some prayer,and the dinner was very bland with no meat or flavoring. After dinner they came around and collected all the money that the members had collected in town that day,when I asked why they had to give all their money,I was told that Tony needed it,the members don’t need any money at all. I tried to talk with some of the members but was told by all to just sit and pray and not make waves. When the bus went back to town that night,I was on it,I was told by the driver that nobody leaves there without permission but after five years with spec.ops I told him not to try to keep me there so he didn’t. I was happy to hear that most of the folks there got out of that crazy place and Tony got life,I hope he gets his due in the pen.

  44. Scott Says:

    well its been about a year but his followers have started blanketing our parking lot with this nut jobs propaganda again. I was hopeing since the raid it would stop. so tired of picking up this garbage

  45. mike Says:


    I just wanted to make contact with some of the members of the alamo foundation I remember from my residential stay from 1984 to 1990.

    how do i do that ?

    many thanks

    mike aka (the lad)

  46. Roy Lehman Says:

    My brother Peter passed away last week of an apparent heart attract.

  47. Marcus Says:

    The Tony Alamo church in Canyon Country…OMG!! Talking about being paranoid, you’ve haven’t seen nothing yet if you hadn’t been there several times like I had! Most of the members of that church are very tense, very unfriendly, and a handful can be very hostile and distastefully rude!! So, watch out if you ever decide to visit them. Your slightest infraction will get you uncomfortable stares and severe reprimands! This is definitely NOT a Christian church! Jesus wouldn’t have established a church like this one…OMG! OMG! OMG! What a bad experience I had! Never again!

  48. Stephen Says:

    For all you folks who wonder where TA got his stuff and why folks like my parents followed him down the proverbial trail, check out this post here:

    And read True Believer by Eric Hoffer:

    You’ll get more truth outta that than 25 years with TA.


  49. K H Ryesky Says:

    Per the Federal Inmate Locator, he is now at the Federal Medical Center at Butner, NC. He is at an age where medical issues often predominate the daily routine.

    I take no joy in the illnesses of others, but it is certainly easy to speculate the work of a Higher Power here.

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