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Charlotte remembers being witnessed to on Hollywood Blvd by the TSACF

On Sept 14, 1970 my friend (Sue Moran) and I were down on Hollywood Blvd and were witnessed to and attended a meeting [at the Tony & Susan Alamo Christian Foundation] the next night and went forward to get saved. I do not doubt that I was saved this night. We then were taken to a basement and told we would be filled with the Holy Spirit. (for those who believe in this, well it did happen) then were told that we would not be able to stand our ground in Jesus if we did not come and live there.

We went home and packed our stuff (not much since we had been hitchhiking from Minnesota) and went back the next morning. We could only read, witness, or pray. We were not allowed to talk with each other. None of the new residents were allowed to talk with each other. It was extremely legalistic, and of course we were told over and over that we would backslide and go to hell if we left. [We were told] By staying at the TSACF we were doing something for Jesus and winning souls. We lasted there until Feb 1971. We had moved to Saugus and they finally allowed my friend Sue and I to go witnessing together…and we ran…all the way back to MN. However, my friend Sue went back in November of 1971. I talked to her once in 1988 Thanksgiving and she was living in Alma, AR.

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