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May 30, 2018 – People Magazine: Terrorized as Teens, Two Former Child Brides of an Apocalyptic Cult Speak Out: ‘We’re Free’

People Magazine     

May 30, 2018


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11/14/09 – TG: Alamo follower, Tommy Scarcello, faces allegations of bankruptcy fraud

Texarkana Gazette
November 11, 2009
By: Lynn LaRowe

Follower faces allegations of bankruptcy fraud

A bankruptcy court wants a high-ranking member of Tony Alamo Christian Ministries to produce financial and property documents by the end of the month.

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7/21/09 – Sharon Alamo: Didn’t notice girls getting younger and younger

Atlanta Journal Constitution
July 21, 2009
The Associated Press

Pastor says he keeps grip on compound from jail

sharon alamo1

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More Lies by Tony Alamo’s Defenders

This letter to the editor was published in the Southwest Times Record in Fort Smith, AR on Oct 3, 2008. Mark Cunneen claims he is not a member of Alamo’s cult but fails to mention that he WAS a member for over 35 years and currently is still a sympathizer. He also neglected to mention that his son Justin Cunneen married Tony Alamo’s step- daughter Becky Kroopf-Alamo (Sharon’s daughter) when she was fifteen and they now have many children together.


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Current Alamo Followers

Alamo Van

Doug Pendleton2
Doug Pendleton

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Alamo Compounds

Tony Alamo Ministries has several compounds throughout the United States. Several are listed below. If anyone would like to contribute to additional information or photos that should be included in this section, please contact us through the Contact page.

Tony Alamo Christian Church located in Fouke, Arkansas
Address: 1005 North Monster Expressway, Fouke, Arkansas 71837

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Long-Time Alamo Followers

Tommy Scarcello 1987
History: Scarcello has been with the Alamo Foundation since 1970. His first wife was D.B. (a.k.a Piper). Piper left the group in the late 1980’s and shortly thereafter Scarcello married Susan McElroy-Miller, who is a representative for Arm Full of Help (cult leader and convicted felon, Tony Alamo’s, tax exempt charity). In the 1970’s and 1980’s Scarcello managed Alamo’s salvage business, TCB (Tennessee Country Boy) Distributors.

Burt & Miriam Krantz 1992

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Alamo Followers At Town Meeting

These Alamo associates were seen at the local, Fouke, town council meeting, February 2007.

Ben Edwards

Bert Krantz

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World Pastor, Tony Alamo

Click on the pictures to enlarge

Tony Alamo being arrested outside of his home in Tampa, Florida (1991)

Tony Alamo

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The Many Wives of Tony Alamo

Below are several (but not all) of Tony Alamo’s alleged wives. He has written and spoken favorably about polygamy over the years. However, he denies he has more than one wife but several victims have escaped and come forward with the truth. Alamo has fathered three children by different women who live in his home as “secretaries”. The total number of wives he has accumulated is unclear, to be sure. However, one thing is clear, only one of his children (Sion) is born from his legal wife, Sharon. The other children (Tabor and Antoinette) were conceived during Alamo and Kroopf’s marriage and the biological mothers (Lydia Willis and Elizabeth Mercado) are in the group and currently living with (or near) Alamo.

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The Biological and Step Children of Tony Alamo

Tony Alamo has sired many children over the years but denies being a polygamist. There are three children, in particular, of interest to the public. Sion, Tabor and Antoinette. These three children were all conceived during Alamo’s legal marriage to Sharon Kroopf. Sharon is the biological mother of one of the children, Sion, but the others have been born to different mothers who reside with (or near) Alamo under the guise of being “secretaries”. Lydia Willis is the mother to Tabor and Elizabeth Mercado (aka “Lizzy” Gutierrez) is mother to Antoinette. Former wives have come forward with the truth about Tony Alamo and his many wives and the children born of his polygamist lifestyle.

Click on the pictures to enlarge
Antoinette – Tony Alamo and “Lizzy” Gutierrez’ (Mercado) daughter. born June of 2001.
Shown here on the homepage of Alamo’s non-profit organization Arm Full Of Help.
Location: Arm Full of Help website
History: In Arkansas in January 1994, Elizabeth Mercado (aka “Lizzy” Gutierrez) became Tony’s “wife”. She had just turned 16 years old.

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Child Brides – Marriages sanctioned and/or performed by World Pastor Tony Alamo

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Jackie G – On her wedding day.
History: Jackie was just 12 years old when Tony Alamo dictated her marriage to a man almost 30 years old. Twelve year old Jackie G. (daughter of Jack and Shelly Garner) was married off to Dale Shono, a 29 year old man, in early 2003.
They were married at the Alamo Gloryland Church in Ft Smith, AR and Don S, performed the ceremony.

Pictured from left to right: Sophie T. (who also married at 12), Micaiah S., Joy Way, Jackie G. (bride), Shelly Borek-Garner, Melissa Borek-Knetter (sister of the bride) w/Grace Knetter, Lynnette Perez-Falasz

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