The Many Wives of Tony Alamo

Below are several (but not all) of Tony Alamo’s alleged wives. He has written and spoken favorably about polygamy over the years. However, he denies he has more than one wife but several victims have escaped and come forward with the truth. Alamo has fathered three children by different women who live in his home as “secretaries”. The total number of wives he has accumulated is unclear, to be sure. However, one thing is clear, only one of his children (Sion) is born from his legal wife, Sharon. The other children (Tabor and Antoinette) were conceived during Alamo and Kroopf’s marriage and the biological mothers (Lydia Willis and Elizabeth Mercado) are in the group and currently living with (or near) Alamo.

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Sharon Ast-Kroopf-Hoffman – Legal wife of Tony Alamo. Shown here with their son, Sion.
History: In 1989 Alamo married Sharon Kroopf (now Sharon Miriam Hoffman), in her late 30’s at the time. She married Tony, who at the time was a fugitive, in hiding from charges of felony child abuse in California. Tony and Sharon had a son, Sion, together in the summer of 1991, while Tony was in jail awaiting trial for threatening Federal Judge Morris Arnold.
Sharon Alamo seen leaving courthouse after Tony Alamo was found guilty of 10 counts of taking underage girls across state lines for sex – 2009

Lydia – Unofficial wife of Tony Alamo. Shown here pregnant with Alamo’s son, Tabor. Picture taken in 1993.
History: In California in February 1993 Tony Alamo took Lydia , an African American, as a second wife. Lydia was in her early 30’s. They have a son, Tabor, together. She and her son are mistreated more than the others and are both referred to as “nigger” by Alamo. Lydia and Tabor are no longer in associated with the group or Tony Alamo.

Isabel Mendoza – Unofficial wife of Tony Alamo
History: In California in 1993 Maria Isabel Mendoza (aka Isabel Mendoza) became another Alamo “wife” at age 19.

Misheal Eden Jones-Williams – Unofficial wife of Tony Alamo. Shown here holding Alamo’s biological son, Sion, in Palm Springs, California in 1993 and then again with her son, Jordan (picture taken in 1994) and another “wife”, Elizabeth Mercado (aka “Lizzy” Gutierrez)
History: In 1993 Misheal Eden Jones-Williams became Tony’s “wife” at 18 years old. She was already married to Kenya Williams (African American) and pregnant with his child at the time. Alamo kicked Kenya out of the group and took his wife. Kenya was the son of Diana Elena Williams Alamo, a legal ex-wife of Alamo’s. Jordan (Kenya’s son) was born in Alamo’s house and Alamo currently refers to him as “the bastard” and “the nigger”. There are witnesses that can verify that Alamo, in a rage, cruelly beat and kicked Jordan. (Diane Elana Williams Alamo testified against Tony in the IRS trial which could account for the revenge of taking Kenya’s wife and his hatred of the child). Misheal is still in the group and often reads the responses on Tony’s radio broadcast.

Angela Marie Morales – Unofficial wife of Tony Alamo
History: In 1993 Angela Marie Morales (aka Angel Streit) became a “wife” in Arkansas at age 20. Her mother Suzanne and step-father, Bob Streit, are still with the Alamo group.

lizzy.jpglizzy-gutierrez-2.jpg antoinette-afoh02.jpg
Elizabeth Mercado – Unofficial wife of Tony Alamo. Shown here in 1993 at Alamo’s birthday party before she became a wife and again after she was unofficially married to Alamo. The child on the right is Lizzy and Alamo’s daughter, Antoinette.
History: In Arkansas in January 1994, Elizabeth Mercado (aka “Lizzy” Gutierrez) became Tony’s “wife”. She had just turned 16 years old. She bore a child to Tony, a girl, Antoinette, in June of 2001. Lizzy and her parents were threatened with expulsion from the group and eternal damnation if they did not comply with Alamo’s demand for her virginity.

Amy E. – Unofficial wife of Tony Alamo
History: Just 13 years old when she went to Tony Alamo’s house and became a “wife”. She moved into the house with the other “wives” and was wearing a wedding ring given to her by Alamo, while he was still in prison. Many witnesses can verify that Amy has been severely beaten by Alamo on many occasions.

Alys Ondrisek – Alys Ondrisek – Current wife of Tony Alamo
History: Alys went to Tony Alamo’s house in Fouke, Ark at 11 yrs old to become Alamo’s wife. Her brother, Erik, who is out of the group, called Ark Child Protection in 2000, but no action was taken. Her mother, Debbie Ondrisek, is still in the group and feels privileged that her daughter is married to the World Pastor.

Sadly, there are many more under age children that were forced by Alamo to be another one of his “wives”.
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