Tony Alamo’s Polygamy Messages

Here are a few of Tony Alamo’s messages on Polygamy found on the internet. They were recorded in 1993 when he was introducing the concept to his followers and then began taking brides (just before he was convicted of a felony). These messages give a disturbing insight as to the direction Tony Alamo was taking the group in the early 1990’s.

The messages were divided into 2 parts. Each part is approximately 45 minutes long. By clicking on one of the messages below you will download the file to your computer and listen to it with your specific audio program. You might need RealPlayer to listen to the files.
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The Holiness of God Recorded 02-13-93

The Formula Recorded 02-14-93

DepthsRecorded 02-17-93

If you have had trouble with the above links, click here to access the audio files for download from the original source

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