Nikki F – Witnesses the polygamist, Tony Alamo, molest and assault children and his wives

In early 1998 I started living in Tony Alamo’s house in Fouke, Arkansas off and on since I was 13 years old. I had been requested by Tony Alamo to stay at his house along with other young girls, one of which was Amy Eddy. There were several other women and girls there which were called his wives. Their names were Sharon Kruf, Lydia Willis, Michelle Jones, Jeannette Orlando, Elizabeth Guitirrez, Angel Streit, Isabel ?, Pebbles King and Amy Eddy. We would all go to visit him in prison in Texarkana, Texas. He was incarcerated on charges of tax evasion due to his church no longer falling under tax exempt status. We went to visit him every Saturday and Sunday. This is when all of my doubts of Tony Alamo began.

I had absolutely no sexual education at the time. My parents raised me on the guidelines that were given by Tony and that was absolutely no one talked about sex except for him. I would visit Tony with about 5 of the other wives and maybe another young girl or so depending on who he requested but I was on the list to go every week that I lived at that house. He would ask me to sit next to him (all the wives took turns sitting next to him). He talked of his younger wives. He told me that his wives wanted him to be inside of one of them while the other was licking him. He would go on about these sorts of sexual tales and justify, if you will, his telling them to me because he was not the one who conjured this it was his wives and he was just telling me. I was told to swear that I would never tell anyone the things that he told me. I didn’t understand why he talked to me like this but I kept the promise. Every single week more stories. He told me a story once of the wives of the wives “f—ing” as he would call it with a different wife’s father while that man’s daughter was baby-sitting and later joined in. I later found out that this was an illicit tale that was made up in his own head and that he pressured each one of the particular wives to exceedingly reluctantly confirm. This was how I began to realize how disgusting he was. He talked of how large his penis was and that “nigger’s dicks were nothing’” because he had seen them in the showers. I had to promise that I would never tell anyone the kind of language and profanity that he used during visits. There were several stories of Tony’s wives in bed, how large their breasts were, which one was “hot”, which one liked to be “on top”, which one was “freaky”, what each of them liked etc.

It was decided while Tony was in prison that Amy Eddy age 13 would be one of his wives. When Tony got out of jail I was living in his house. After him being out for about one month, it was time to make Amy his wife (it was a literal f–k-fest the first few months he was out, he had his pick of the litter). This meant of course that she had to go to his bedroom. He didn’t spend much time in there with her but the deed was done. Moments later Amy came out looking very shaken and walking as though she was in a bit of pain. Tony came out also and I followed him to the living room. I noticed that on his right middle finger there was blood. I looked into his face and then back down at his finger so that he could see I saw what he did. He covered his hand and said nothing.

Right around the same time that Amy became Tony’s wife there was another incident that I remember very well. One of Tony’s wives, Michelle Jones Williams, had a son named Jordan who was not Tony’s biological son. One Day Jordan (age 3 or 4) was playing with Tony’s biological son Sion (age 6 or 7). They were play-fighting and Jordan accidentally hit Sion in the groin. Sion went to his father Tony and told him that he was hurt by Jordan. Tony then started out by verbally reprimanding Jordan him and telling him that he was wrong. But Tony started to become more and more enraged and started to push Jordan in the stomach. He then pushed him so that he was on the floor and started kicking him in the stomach harder and harder, yelling at him for hurting Sion and screaming that he could have made it to where Sion could no longer reproduce. It looked like Tony was mopping the floor with the little boy. Jordan was so scared and hurt he urinated on himself. He was covered in welts. He had them on his arms, his stomach, his legs and his mouth was full of blood. His mother watched and so did all the other wives and no one did anything for fear of Tony. Almost the same thing also happened to Lydia’s son by Tony but disliked because he is half black, Tabor (age 4) on another occasion in the same general time frame.

-Approximately one month later I was finally allowed to back to my parents in Saugus, California. I was 14 years old.

When I was 15 years old, in April or May of ‘99 I was sent back to Tony’s house in Fouke, Arkansas due to the fact that I was not following all rules and began to sort of rebel. I had so many doubts about Tony Alamo and was realizing things that were so wrong. I was living in his house completely against my will but per my father’s insistence. My father literally forced me to go while I was screaming and crying. I knew of the things that went on in that house that not too many others did. I did not want to be one of Tony’s wives. All I wanted was to be able to go back to my mother in California.

There were more girls than before some much younger such as Desiree’ Kolbeck. She was about 7 or 8 but Tony seemed to take quite a liking to and as far as I know she is still in his house and one of his wives now. Also, Piper was there this last time. I was told if I was there I would be more godly and a much better person. I was told that I should be honored to have been invited there by Tony because he liked me. In the church living in Tony’s house was considered to be a very high honor. I wanted to leave so bad. I would ask if I could please go back to my mother and his answer would something like well we can’t afford to assign someone just to take you to California. So I would arrange rides that I knew were already going out there and tell it wouldn’t cost a thing to let me go. But he never let me. He would say very sarcastically “there are no bars on the windows or doors, you can leave anytime”. I thought that ironic because there was in fact bars on all of the windows and all of the doors were padlocked and monitored with surveillance cameras for our protection.

One night I disconnected a phone from the office and snuck it into the bathroom where I had noticed a phone jack behind the toilet (of all places). I called my uncle in Chicago for help. I wanted to get out. My uncle called my mother to tell her what I said and she in turn called Tony. I was summoned to the office where Tony was and where he handled all of his business. Tony was sitting there in a rage that I had only seen the tip of until now. He bolted towards screaming so loud and adamantly that he was spitting in my face saying “Did you make an unauthorized phone call?!!!” I turned my face away from him and answered “yes”. He then hit me in the face. When I was smacked he shoved my head into the book shelf that was directly behind me (meaning that the 3rd shelf on the book shelf acted and a sort of baseball bat blow to the head, hitting me squarely in the middle of the back of my skull causing me to black out. I, however, was so terrified that he would kill me if I were unconscious I willed myself to stay on my feet and the next thing I remember is him coming at me with a 2×4 piece of wood smacking his hand with and telling me to sit down ( the chair that he wanted me to sit in was so close to his that I had a hard time obeying the order and I was quite stunned to say the least and doing my best not to cry, this was something he loved: to make the girls cry so that he could make fun of them during and after they did, so I did not cry which just angered him more). After his repeated commands for me to sit I did so. I was then subjected to 2 hours of him attempting to mortify and humiliate me calling me a “dirty whore”, “a slut”, “a sinner”, telling me that I was going to fry in hell, I was worthless, and he kept referring to me as “that thing”. I was surrounded by every wife in the house and the children as well one of which was sitting next to me on the floor in the middle of my rebuke handed me my three earrings that fell to the floor when they were out of my left ear when I was hit. For me the verbal abuse was actually far worse than the physical. The things he was calling and the thoughts that he said were in my head were so awful to me for it was all such a heinous lie he said that god was telling him all these things about me and that he knew what my thoughts were and he continued to recite them out loud and as I sat there I knew he was a fake and all the accusations that I had heard about him were indeed true. I was free. He couldn’t trick me.

Later, all the wives denied that anything had ever happened when asked about it by others including my mother. She was told by Tony that he gave me “a pop in the mouth”. He sent me to a room in the house. I was to be isolated for the rest of the evening.

The next week or so, Tony basically made fun of me. If I walked through the room he was say how weird I was or there’s that “thing” again. He would laugh and mock me etc. I kept to myself and did not talk. I did not know what to do. No one talked to me either. It was probably the most “mind-fucking” situation I’ve ever been in. I was treated like an unwanted dog.

Towards the end of that time I saw Amy Eddy Beaten.
Tony had gone to lunch with some of his wives at the Old Country Buffet and Amy was one of them and so was Lizzy (Elizabeth Guiterrez). There was some kind of disagreement about who was to sit next to Tony. Amy wanted to and so did Lizzy. Tony picked Lizzy and Amy was offended. When they all arrived back Tony was going on about how Amy was embarrassing. She was trying to defend herself in the argument but she should have never opened her mouth. Tony started to beat her, I mean really beat her. She was so bloody and so swollen. Tony had beaten her with his bare hands, kicked her drug her on the floor, punched her, slapped her. It went on for more than ten minutes. I don’t want to exaggerate but I do think that it was almost 20 minutes. She screamed and screamed and screamed. Her screams were really awful. After the first few minutes of the beating Tony had her cornered in her bedroom and Sharon, Tony’s first wife closed the door. There were a lot of children in the house; visiting and she didn’t want anyone to see what was happening. It was too horrific for anyone to see. He came out of her room and about a half an hour later so did she with a bloody, white T-shirt. She attended the “message” he was giving. I don’t recall what it was about in particular.

The other wife that he hurt was Jeannette Orlando. She was reading him a paper and her voice was not the way he wanted it to be. He yelled at her and told her to go to the bedroom. This time the door was left open but I could not see anything. I heard her yelp and she later came out with bruises on her arms. I think he hit her in the face because of a bruise that was visible on her face later but she denied it.

We later joked and began calling ourselves the “battered wives club”. Amy, Jeanne and I never thought anything like this would happen to us but there we were with the evidence of abuse literally written all over our faces.

In June of 1999 I attempted to sneak another phone into the bathroom. Tony was out of the house that afternoon and due back in less than an hour. I had the phone wrapped in a towel as I was on my way to the bathroom. I walked into my room that was adjacent to that bathroom and thought no one was there so I let the towel unravel and the phone dropped right as Tony’s stepdaughter Rebecca popped her head up. She was sleeping on my bed and saw what I was about to do. At this point I really did fear for my life. I was sure that Tony could go too far and possibly kill me with whatever beating he was render to me upon his arrival. I gathered as much as I could in my backpack. I left with $60.00 in my pocket. I took the padlock off and unlocked the four locks on the door and exited past the surveillance camera and 3 watchmen. I ran in the woods along side of Highway 71 to avoid being seen on the side of the road. If I came close to the highway I could see the white vans going up and down. I crossed 5 barbed wire fences, 2 rivers and crawled through the gutters underneath the highway so not to be seen. after about 4 or five hours I finally came across some homes the first would only give me a Dixie cup full of water but the second home I encountered was owned by [names withheld] and they helped me very much by first driving to Texarkana and then coming back to pick me (they gave me their telephone number) and letting me spend the night with them. The next day they took me to Wal-Mart to buy a few things and they purchased a Greyhound Bus ticket for and that’s how I made it back to L.A. only to be met by my mother at the bus station 3 hours after it had arrived and told that I was not allowed on the church property and that I could not come home. I was to either go to Juvenile Hall or find somewhere to go. In short I was abandoned at the age of fifteen and given 50.00. I since then have never even attempted to go back nor will I ever.

Nikki F

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