More Lies by Tony Alamo’s Defenders

This letter to the editor was published in the Southwest Times Record in Fort Smith, AR on Oct 3, 2008. Mark Cunneen claims he is not a member of Alamo’s cult but fails to mention that he WAS a member for over 35 years and currently is still a sympathizer. He also neglected to mention that his son Justin Cunneen married Tony Alamo’s step- daughter Becky Kroopf-Alamo (Sharon’s daughter) when she was fifteen and they now have many children together.


I would caution you Christians out there before you jump on the band wagon to help crucify Tony Alamo and his church. I don’t go to his church nor am I a member, but I sure see a strange inconsistency in what the government and media are saying about him and backsliding former members are saying and the works that he and his church are doing.

For more than 40 years they have been going after the lost and dying that few will help or care about. I believe he and his church have won more souls than all the churches put together.

Christians, do you not think that there is not going to be retaliation from Satan and the government when someone exposes their atrocities and the Vatican plans to destroy and take over this once-great nation. Come on! Beware Christians, we are living in the last days. “It’s been given unto Satan to make war against the saints,” Rev. 13:7.

“… And even the very elect would be deceived if it were possible,” Matt. 24:24. It’s just more lies and false accusations from the beast, Satan.

Mark Cunneen


In: Guilty By Association

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  1. Alexandra Says:

    Tony Alamo preaches a false gospel–salvation by works.

    Where is people’s Biblical discernment?

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