The Biological and Step Children of Tony Alamo

Tony Alamo has sired many children over the years but denies being a polygamist. There are three children, in particular, of interest to the public. Sion, Tabor and Antoinette. These three children were all conceived during Alamo’s legal marriage to Sharon Kroopf. Sharon is the biological mother of one of the children, Sion, but the others have been born to different mothers who reside with (or near) Alamo under the guise of being “secretaries”. Lydia Willis is the mother to Tabor and Elizabeth Mercado (aka “Lizzy” Gutierrez) is mother to Antoinette. Former wives have come forward with the truth about Tony Alamo and his many wives and the children born of his polygamist lifestyle.

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Antoinette – Tony Alamo and “Lizzy” Gutierrez’ (Mercado) daughter. born June of 2001.
Shown here on the homepage of Alamo’s non-profit organization Arm Full Of Help.
Location: Arm Full of Help website
History: In Arkansas in January 1994, Elizabeth Mercado (aka “Lizzy” Gutierrez) became Tony’s “wife”. She had just turned 16 years old.

Jordan – Misheal Eden Jones-Williams and Kenya William’s son
Location: Fort Smith, Arkansas in Tony Alamo’s house
History: According to eyewitnesses, Tony Alamo kicked Kenya out of the group while Misheal was pregnant with Kenya’s son, Jordan. Soon after, he made Misheal his wife. This photo was taken in 1993.

Jordan and Misheal (mother and unofficial wife of Tony Alamo)

Becky Kroopf and Sion Alamo – Tony Alamo’s stepdaughter and biological son
Location: Los Angeles, California in Tony Alamo’s house
History: Sharon Kroopf-Hoffman’s daughter, Becky, from a previous relationship and Tony Alamo’s son, Sion, by Sharon (legal wife of Alamo). This photo was taken in 1993.

Becky Kroopf-Cunneen – Stepdaughter to Tony Alamo

Sharon and Sion – Tony Alamo’s legal wife, Sharon, and biological son, Sion

Tabor – Tony Alamo’s biological son, Tabor, with his unofficial wife Lydia Willis
Location: Fort Smith, Arkansas
History: This photo was taken in the winter of 1993.

Tony Alamo and Tabor – Tony Alamo holding his biological son, Tabor.
History: Tabor is the son of Tony Alamo and his unofficial wife, Lydia Willis, an african american. This photo was taken in 1993.

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