Tony Alamo’s history of rape, burglary, theft and receiving stolen weapons charges

Argus Investigation Findings on Tony Alamo
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March 15, 1973

Re: Tony Alamo

According to birth records, the Subject was born Bernie Lazar Hoffman on September 20, 1934, in Joplin, Missouri. His father is listed as Boris Lazar Hoffman, 723 Jackson Street. The father was born in Bucharest,Romania, and his occupation is listed as a dancer and artist. The mother’s name is shown as Lillian Mildred Johnston (maiden name), 723 Jackson Street, and born in Calumet, Michigan. Her occupation is also listed as dancer.

The Subject was arrested by Los Angeles Police Department under the name Tony Fernando Alamo. The complaint was filed as a result of this arrest for a felony charge 496 P.C. (receiving stolen property) under the name of Bernie Lazar Hoffman on 7-28-55. The Subject was held to answer on this felony charge by Judge Harold Shepherd in Division 2 on 7-23-55. At that time, the subject was represented by a public defender. The transcript indicated that the Subject received two guns from two juveniles who had obtained them in a burglary. The Subject served three months in the county jail. At this time, the Subject was living with his mother-in-law (name not given) at 13679 Pennington, Pacoima.

The transcript also indicates that the Subject had a background on statutory rape, burglary and theft in Montana.

This report is submitted pending your determination as to whether you wish any further investigation conducted. Our statement to date is enclosed.

It is a pleasure to be of assistance.

Very truly yours,

Ralph Weyant:
Vice President

In: Criminal Background

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