Piper’s (Donna B) eyewitness account of Tabor’s beating by Tony Alamo

Once in 1999 at Tony Alamo’s Home in Fouke Ark I, Donna B, witnessed Tabor eating sliced apples at the kitchen table and he dropped apiece and it fell on the floor, he bent down to pick it up as Tony Alamo walked into the room and Tony started screaming at him and accusing the little boy of throwing his food on the floor.

Tony grabbed Tabor from the table and dragged him into his bedroom and left the bedroom door open. He sat on his bed and screamed in Tabor’s little face for him to confess that he threw the food, because Tabor was trying to tell Tony that he just accidentally dropped the piece of apple, he didn’t throw it, but Tony would not believe him and hauled back with his hand and slapped Tabor in the mouth. Tabor fell down and Tony picked him up again and made his wives hold him up. so that Tony could have good aim as Tony started to haul back and slap him again he stopped and told one of his wives to get his ring off of the dresser and give it to him when Tony Alamo got the ring he put it on the hand that he was hitting tabor with and continued to punch Tabor. His ring made his punch more painful to the little boy. A couple of us that were watching fainted and when we woke up Tony was telling Tabor’s Mother that she was not allowed to go to Tabor and comfort him Tony said that Tabor needed to get tough, when tabor was crying in agonizing pain Tony told one of his wives to go to him and tie something around his mouth to keep him from making so much noise. The next day Tabor’s face was unrecognizable and his eye looked like it was so swollen that it was out of its socket. Tabor looked only to be about 5 or 6 years old at the time of this beating.

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