Diane B’s account of being kicked out of the Alamo Foundation

The following was posted on the Factnet discussion board. Click here to read more former member’s accounts of living in the group.

I was a member for 14yrs at the Alamo Church. My then husband was kicked out for something very trivial. We were at an out post in a ruff section in Chicago. It was the coldest recorded winter in 100 yrs. A message was delivered by one of the Alamo Foundation members (we were never able to talk to the pastor). We were told that Tony Alamo said, “she can stay but he has to go” There was no regard for the sanctity of marriage. I choose to leave with my husband. We were not offered a dollar for a cup of coffee or a way out of the city. We were flat broke and had it not been for my family, who knows what we would have done. It didn’t matter that we had spent14yrs in the church and had given 100% of all the money we made towards the Alamo Foundation. The whole experience was very traumatic and still effects my feelings toward organized religions. Do I believe in God? Yes! I’m doing well, I own a hotel and 4 beautiful horses.


Diane B

In: Victim's Testimonies

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