Eric O recalls when Tony Alamo took Lizzy G in marriage at age 16

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I remember this one time we were at one of the many warehouses owned by the Alamo Foundation. A few kids were there packaging candy for Bruce G. Tony Alamo called and asked for Lizzie G. Man was that a Kodak moment – her countenance fell 3 stories. She got on the phone and you could tell Tony wanted her to be his wife. I heard Lizzie say I’ll ask God for a sign. I heard Tony Alamo yell on the other line

“I’ll give you a sign, your whole family is kicked out!”

Well I was thinking that’s not that bad you better take that ticket, but the poor girl gave in to this holy bucket of grease. The next night Tony Alamo paraded in to tell of his new conquest. I thought all right this is going to be a great message from God but no, Tony Alamo wanted to boast about raping some sixteen year old girl. He said

“after Lizzy G asked me for a sign I told her I’ll give you a sign and that is your whole family is kicked out then she knew it was Gods will to be my wife. I had to put her in ward for 15 days, but not before consummating the marriage in the eyes of God.”

Then Tony Alamo kind of grunted a satisfied grunt of contentment at his victory.

I was blown away!!

Eric O

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