Sue B was fooled by Tony Alamo for 20 years

For years after we left the Alamo Foundation, in 1989, I was a big Tony Alamo supporter and defender. I wanted nothing more than to go back to the Alamo Foundation. We drove from Fresno to LA every other weekend to attend services. That was about a 4-5 hour drive 1 way. We tithed 10% or more of our pay, I spent countless hours listening to Tony’s tapes, passing out tracts, praying for Tony and the foundation. Spent hours on the phone with Tony, Yes, he would call and we would talk about what he was doing and the court cases. He told MerryAnn and Lenore to call and fellowship with me. Why Tony even had my friend Tommy S call me to see if we needed anything.

While living outside of the foundation I testified at court cases, supporting and defending Tony Alamo.

I also testified for Tony in the Memphis court case.

In the court room I defended Tony Alamo, who several years earlier had ordered the beating my son Jason. Now while I sat on the witness stand defending Tony Alamo and the beating he ordered. I was looking out into the courtroom into the face of my son, Jason. He also testified about the same incident. However he truthfully testified about the beatings he received at Tony Alamo’s command. Talk about being an Alamo supporter, it was me! I honestly didn’t believe that my children were beaten. I believed Tony and according to Tony Alamo my children were not beaten, they were spanked.

Over several years the Lord dealt with me. I would read the bible and then remember incidents that happened at the foundation. In 1996 I started seeing how I skirted issues, double-talked, always excused unscriptural things that Tony did. I think that was one of the hardest things I had to admit to was that Tony was not what I believed he was. I honestly believed Tony Alamo was the prophet of God. I had to face the facts about the child beatings I had witnessed, the polygamy I had witnessed, and the way he spoke to brothers and sisters, calling them names and degrading them and even having them spanked and smote.

Everyday the Lord showed me his tender mercies and opened my heart to understand that He is also a God of great mercy, mercy higher than the heavens, renewed everyday. He is long suffering and of great kindness. Salvation is a free gift from God through His Son, Christ Jesus. I can’t work my way into heaven, it is not about how hard you work It is about Jesus, He who died and paid the price for my salvation.

I will never forget the day the Lord made me to understand that I allowed the children He entrusted to me to be beaten by Tony Alamo, while I stood by and completely agreed with Tony Alamo, as he gave the command for them to be beaten bloody. Suspended spread eagle in mid-air and beaten 100+ times with the board of education.

When the Lord showed me that I allowed them to be BEATEN I was heart sick, I asked myself how could I have been so blind? I wept and begged for forgiveness from my Savior and my children. Did they forgive me? Yes, my Savior and both my sons forgave me.

Jason who was repeatedly beaten bloody by the command of Tony Alamo has grown up to be a wonderful man. He is very motivated to be successful, owning several businesses and married to a wonderful wife. Jared, who was repeatedly beaten by the command of Tony Alamo has grown up to be successful in the radio field and has a wonderful family that adore him.

In the fall of 1996 we received a telephone call from Bert K with a message from Tony Alamo telling us we had 30 days to be back inside the foundation. We did not return because the Lord made me to know His hand delivered me from Tony Alamo’s control and He never wants me to return to the pit he took me from. No more griping fear every time there is a knock on the door. No more fear of being kick out of my home and separated from my family, my pay being taken away. Jesus set me free and I’m blessed everyday!

Sue B

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