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The following posts are all from former members of the Tony and Susan Alamo Christian Foundation. They were posted on the Factnet discussion board IN 2005 AND 2006.

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I spent 20+ years at the Alamo Foundation. I am thankful only to God that I became a believer and remain a follower of Christ today. People talk about how many souls Alamo has won to the Lord. I would like us to consider…How many souls has he thrown?
How many children that were born and raised there, that were beaten and neglected and today will not step foot in any church because of Alamo’s cruelty and hypocrisy?

He was always so braggadocios and always lifting himself up and exaggerating his accomplishments. If it weren’t for the hard labor and talents of the many people over the years at the Alamo Foundation it would be more evident that Tony Alamo is just a little 2-bit con artist. He is a wolf is sheep’s clothing.

We were all so young and naïve and so thankful to know God and were so willing to give our lives to Him. Tony and Susan Alamo took complete advantage of our sincerity and dedication. Sure they taught us some skills, but who benefited the most? They did. Yes, they taught us some Bible, but they twisted it to make us dependent on them and to believe that if we left their church that we would burn in Hell! Remember the “story” about a guy named Frenchy? Supposedly he wouldn’t move in to the church and later that night on Sunset Strip someone walked up and shot and killed him….that story was to scare us. They kept us there through Fear.

Tony told us we couldn’t make it on our own. Big LIE! Tony said we’re incapable of supporting ourselves. Big Lie! He said we would become drug addicts and end up in a mental institution if we left the foundation. Big lie!

Tony Alamo is a BIG LIAR.

There is life AFTER the Alamo Foundation. People I communicate with that left the Alamo Foundation are doing really well. They are serving the Lord in their communities, honoring their families, and winning souls by the testimony of their lives.
Many have gone to college, gotten degrees, and are financially successful. The men are the husbands of one wife, who they love and cherish….NOT multiple women like Alamo. I know by first hand knowledge that Alamo has multiple wives because he bragged about it, in front of myself and a MAJORITY of the people inside the Alamo Foundation. When I was at the Alamo Foundation, Tony Alamo had nine women we all knew were his “wives”…….Sharon who begat him Zion, Lydia Willis who begat him Tabor, Jody, Isabel, Michelle Jones Williams, Tami, Angel S, Elizabeth “Lizzy” G, and Jeanette O. Except for Sharon, he “married” all these girls in 1993 and 1994. Jeanette was only fifteen at the time and Alamo is over 70 years….

Alamo was raping these little girls and calling them “wives” and telling people that God told him to do it and was blessing him.
You know what the sad thing is?……many years ago I would’ve defended Alamo too. Tony and Susan Alamo made us so indebted to them. We insisted we didn’t idolize them but we hung on their every word. We esteemed them higher than God, without realizing it.
I saw dedicated people who loved God be treated like trash by Tony. Saw families broken up and people kicked out to the streets with no money, for minor infractions. The kids were treated like worker ants…just another commodity, by Alamo. The Foundation school was a farce.

It finally dawned on me one day that something was wrong. DUH! I prayed for God’s direction for many months before I finally left. I had devoted 20+ years of my life to the Alamo Foundation and now I felt God leading me to “come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues”.

I loved the brothers and sisters, they had become my family, but I knew I must be faithful to God and get out of there. I was confused because I knew I asked
Jesus to come into my heart there, but I saw the insanity that was happening and I knew I had to leave in obedience and trusting God, and that He would continue to show me the way.
God has been so faithful in my life to set me FREE from all the deception. I want to sincerely thank those that left before me that prayed that God would open the eyes and hearts of us who were still there. Now I pray fervently for those who are there and those who have left but are still in spiritual bondage to the lies.

Sue G



At one time I was an “Alamo supporter”!

Tony Alamo’s explanation and his way of trying to discredit our facts and truths about him is to use the verbiage that we are disgruntled ex-members, out to get him.

I’m not a disgruntled ex-member, I am very thankful that God’s mighty hand removed me from Tony’s grips and has never allowed me to return. The Lord knows I wanted to go back to the foundation for many years.. However the Lord wouldn’t allow us to return to the pit He had delivered us from.

The Lord removed the blinders off my eyes and made me see the truths regarding Tony Alamo. It is hard to admit that the very person you thought was the prophet of God and everything he did and said was of the Lord. Admitting Tony Alamo was wrong, that he lied, stole, beat children bloody, took multiple wives, brought false accusations against the Saints of God, and set himself up as the mediator between God and man when he had the congregation come in and confess their sins to him.

It was very hard to admit to myself that Tony was not a man of God. I had believed him, trusted him with my soul, and followed him faithfully and blindly for 20 years!

Thank God for His mighty hand of deliverance. He truly set me free!

We were the 1st generation, the beginning, we were the foundation! We came to the 1st church on Carlos Ave, or to the Crescent Height’s church or the early Saugus church. Most of us stayed for 20 plus years. We were the ones who built the place, our sweat and hard work bought the properties, the vehicles, everything! We gave our all to the gospel, all our heart, all our strength, all our money, all our labors, all our trust and loyalty. We married there, our children were born there and raised there, several of the brothers and sisters went on to be with the Lord there.

Why did most of us older ones leave?

We could see that Tony Alamo’s ego and lusts were controlling him. He became abusive, name calling, double-minded, cussing, drinking, and practicing polygamy. Tony Alamo commanded parents to bring their under-age girls to him as wives. Tony said that “God commands their child to be his wife”. Blindly, in fear of hell fire the parents submitted to Tony Alamo’s demands! He has them all believing that God talks to him and only to him. They are all weak and need Tony Alamo to help them make it into heaven. If they don’t obey Alamo, then they are being disobedient to the Lord and in danger of hell fire.

The bottom line to why we left was we began to line up what Tony was doing and look in our Bible we could now see Tony and the Bible were opposite.

I left the Alamo foundation because I wanted to follow Jesus and live according to the Bible. It was obvious Tony Alamo wanted to follow his ego and act on all perversions that entered his mind.




Tony is a real winner, eh???

1. Tony Alamo plagiarized The Messiah Book and passes it off as his own creation – what a liar!

2. Tony Alamo stole copyrighted songs to produce his “20 Original Hit” records and than mysteriously couldn’t be found when charges were filed (even though he was supposedly “saved”)

3. Tony stole Harvey Cochran’s identity when Tony was on the run from the FBI. Tony Alamo was fleeing from felony child abuse charges in California.

4. Bernie Lazar Hoffman stole the real singer Tony Alamo’s identity. He told us he was this singer who sang with the Sammy Kaye band. (shame on us….we should have figured that one out when we heard Bernie singing so flat!)

5. Tony says he was the promoter for Sonny and Cher. Tony Alamo was never mentioned in any of Sony and Cher’s books or articles as being their promoter.

6. Does anyone remember in 1982 when Tony was giving us messages on tape that he got “from the Lord”???? Someone caught him getting these messages out of a book some guy had written. He was forced to confess that one….




I have stated this before and I will state it again….. back in the mid to late 80’s Tony Alamo had children BEATEN BLOODY and I will NEVER stop letting people know the truth about that despicable abusive pig. He is (as I stated in some of my very firsts posts on this web site back in August of 2005) Tony Alamo is a GREAT CON ARTSITS…. problem is he likes to abuse children, and for that I have a moral obligation, as should all you people to expose him.

How can people who hear allegations of child abuse still defend some one with out ever questioning, wait …. could it be true?

Don’t know when I’ll be back to post on Factnet. At least I know me and my family are safe, I hope yours is too


In: Eye Witness & First Hand Accounts of Abuse

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