7/15/09 – KTHV: Update: First Witness Takes Stand Against Tony Alamo

July 15, 2009
By: Charles Crowson and Jessica Duff

Update: First Witness Takes Stand Against Tony Alamo


Day three of Tony Alamo’s criminal trial continues today. The government called its first witness in the criminal trial against self-proclaimed world pastor.

Friction is still the atmosphere in the Texarkana courtroom. Alamo’s lead attorney Don Ervin has objected to the line of questioning of the government’s first witness and to the admission of photographic evidence in the case. The name of this witness is being withheld because of alleged sexual assault by Alamo when she was minor.

A 30-minute recess was called by Judge Harry Barnes so he could meet with attorneys about the objections.

Alamo arrived at the Texarkana Federal Courthouse around 6:30 this morning.

Alamo has pleaded not guilty to the charge that he took young girls across state lines for sex.

During opening statements Tuesday, federal prosecutors said Alamo preyed on his followers’ young daughters, taking a girl as young as 8 as his bride.

The head of Alamo’s defense team, told jurors that Alamo ordered the girls to different locations as part of the church’s business not for sex.

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  1. Liberty Says:

    Whos your daddy now? all you followers of this pervert.
    tony dosnt look so good now does he? all grey and old .. thats who you gave your little children to. thats who you really serve.

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