7/15/09 – KTHV: Update: Former Alamo Wife Takes The Witness Stand

July 15, 2009
Charles Crowson
Jessica Duff

Update: Former Alamo Wife Takes The Witness Stand


A former wife of Tony Alamo took the stand Wednesday morning, giving graphic testimony about the evangelist in his federal trial.

During three hours on the witness stand, she testified that Alamo married several girls, some as young as eight and 11-years-old. She also testified that Alamo took them to neighboring states and had sex with them.

The third-generation follower of evangelist Tony Alamo told federal court jurors Wednesday that the preacher had so many sex partners that he scheduled how often he would sleep with them.

The 30-year-old woman said she was one of Alamo’s wives, marrying him at age 15.

During cross examination by Alamo attorney Don Ervin, the witness was asked why she waited so long to come forward with the allegations. Ervin was attempting to discredit the woman’s claims made during morning testimony.

Alamo’s attorney, Philip Kuhn, told THV’s Charles Crowson, “This is a smear campaign against our client.”

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