7/15/09 – KTAL: First Witness Testifies Against Tony Alamo

July 15, 2009
Reported by: Mario Boone

First Witness Testifies Against Alamo

A former wife of Tony Alamo testified Wednesday in federal court she was forced to marry and have sex with Alamo at just 15-years-old. She said girls as young as 8, 11, and 12 also became his wives. The witness, now 30, became emotional at times while describing how she and the wives had sex with Alamo on a schedule based on when they were married.

KTAL legal analyst Danny Cook tells us, “in light of this alleged victim’s damning testimony today that seems to prove every element of the government’s case, I would now say that the defense has an uphill battle.”

Phillip Kuhn, Alamo’s defense attorney said, “we’ll just have to see what happens after cross examination. Then it’s up to the jury to decide what they believe.”

As Alamo’s chauffer Sylvestre Primous drove the defendant around the country. The government says Alamo took girl across state lines for sex on some of those trips. It’s something Primous denied. “They could’ve interviewed me back at home and found out that I didn’t have nothing for them.”

Protestors have shown up to the federal courthouse. Mary Coker of the group “Partnered Against Cult Activity” says she’s here for one reason… “For the self-proclaimed pastor to get the justice he’s been avoiding for years.”

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