Katrina subjected to sex talk by Tony Alamo at age 12

This is Katrina’s mother’s testimony:

Here is what I know regarding Tony Alamo: I came to the foundation a long time ago and I really got saved and filled with the Holy Spirit and dedicated my life to serving the Lord Jesus Christ. Throughout the years I kept my eyes glued on God and minded my own business. To make a long story short, about 10 years ago, during the time when Tony Alamo was in prison he had asked if my 12 year old daughter, Katrina could come and stay at his house to be a companion to his stepdaughter, Rebecca, who also had been a good friend to my daughter. They were to be home schooled together. It sounded fine to my daughter and me.

At first I heard regularly from my daughter but after awhile I stopped being contacted. This started to really bother me so I told Tony I wanted her back home. Of course Tony rebuked me and told me I was interfering with God’s will. Much to my relief my daughter was sent home shortly after the rebuke from Tony Alamo.

After Katrina returned home I was told by her the most horrifying story I had ever heard about Tony Alamo. The perverted things he was doing and the appalling things that he had poisoned my daughter with.

When she would go to the prison along with other little girls, ages ranging anywhere from 11 years to 17 years, Tony would not talk to them about the Bible, like I would expect, but rather Tony Alamo would tell them that they were to be his wives…some already were!! He warned them not to tell their parents, because they wouldn’t understand and may cause a scene!

Katrina was given explicit details of everything from oral sex, how Tony and his other little-girl wives were going to have threesomes once he was out of prison, he also bragged about the (supposed) size of his penis, and many other disgusting pornographic subjects that would repel any decent adult. This little girl who never watched TV or heard a cuss word was freaked out by the things “Papa Tony” told her. Katrina would tell me how, when in the prison visiting room, the girls would take turns being shields and keeping their eyes open for the guards while Tony would reach his dirty, perverted hands up the girl’s blouses, etc!

Needless, to say I was sickened beyond description upon learning these sordid details and moved fast and far away from that horrid place very soon afterwards. I don’t like to think about Tony and the atrocities that are, to this day taking place there still, and from what I hear, are more brazen and bad than ever before.

I felt it was my responsibility as someone who knew first hand of the truths regarding this perverted Tony Alamo. To share it, if peradventure, it could help someone out. I know my little 12 year old girl did not make that stuff up; she heard it from the self-proclaimed ‘world pastor, Tony Alamo’. I am thankful to the Lord Jesus from the depths of my heart for delivering my family out of the Alamo Foundation. It truly does amaze and sadden me that some mothers and fathers, some still in the Alamo Foundation and that they would allow their precious little girls to be offered up to that perverted, child molesting old man…to have sex with and be subject to his deviate sexual abuses.

Imagine yourselves for one moment back when you were 10, 11, 12 years old and your own mom or dad forcing you to “marry” a 70 some year old man and have him on top of you, raping you!

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