Twisted Scriptures: A Path to Freedom from Abusive Churches

by Mary Alice Chrnalogar

Twisted Scriptures
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Dangerous leaders – some even in mainstream chruches – are twisting the scriptures to coerce their members into subordination. In the process, once-promising lives can become mired in a distorted religious reality that supresses human freedom and destroys lives.

Give this self-help guide to anyone trapped in an abusive, unhealthy group. It can restore critical thinking, and bring loved ones back from what may seem like an impossible situation. Chrnalogar’s powerful book has – and will continue to – set lives free.

The author reveals the subtle control techniques that manipulate and intimidate followers. Mary Alice identifies the very persuasive and deceptive practices of pwerful groups, and then arms the reader with the tools to overcome them.

17 comprehensive chapters show the way, along with an epilogue and appendices that include further resources.

Midwest Book Review

Leaders of many religious groups (even including several mainstream churches) are twisting the Scriptures to subtly coerce cooperation from their members. In the process, personalities are changed and lives ruined. Mary Alice Chrnalogar is a deprogrammer with an international reputation. Chrnalogar reveals how classic mind control techniques are used to systematically seduce followers into total obedience. Twisted Scriptures: A Path To Freedom From Abusive Churches shows readers how to tell when churches are suppressing freedom of speech, intimidating followers, and distorting the Bible. Twisted Scriptures is invaluable as a self-help guide and as a tool for families and friends to free loved ones from destructive groups.

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