7/17/09 – Witness in Alamo trial: Family kept her from foster care.

AOL News
July 17, 2009

Witness in Alamo trial: Family blocked foster care


A woman who says she was “married” to evangelist Tony Alamo at age 8 is telling jurors that her parents worked against her when she tried to obtain help from social workers after leaving the minister’s Arkansas compound.

The woman, now 18, said Friday that she drifted around the country after leaving the sect at age 15.

Under cross-examination at Alamo’s sex-crimes trial, she said she tried to enter foster care in New Mexico but that her parents prevented it.

She said her parents are prominent figures in Alamo’s ministry and they told New Mexico officials that she was a liar.

Alamo is charged with taking five young girls across state lines for sex.

The 74-year-old could spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted.

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