7/17/09 – Discussion: Tony Alamo/FLDS Compared

The statement below has been copied from the blog FLDS TEXAS.

Discussion: Tony Alamo/FLDS Compared

As many of you know Tony Alamo is going to trial on federal Mann Act charges based on facts identical to events that took place within the FLDS — namely, moving underage girls across state lines to be illegally married to and sexually assaulted by a polygamous cult prophet. The raid of Tony Alamo’s compound took place in September of last year. He faces 10 federal charges related to the underage marriages and sexual assaults of children.

There is no great public or media outcry that Tony Alamo is being unfairly picked on for unpopular religious beliefs. The world at large seems to understand that this man is a pedophile and has used a religious pretext to carry out abuses on children.

What is the difference between Tony Alamo’s practices and the practices of FLDS? Absolutely no difference in their practices.

Why is Tony Alamo facing federal charges but the FLDS are apparently not? POLITICS.

Tony Alamo does not have the financial resources to mount the PR campaign that keeps the FLDS out of the clutches of the Feds. Prosecuting Tony Alamo does not carry the PR risk to politicians the same way it would with the FLDS. You think Waco and the PR nightmare that resulted have anything at all to do with who gets prosecuted and who doesnt? Of course it does. It’s all about public perception and popularity. Eric Holder is the top guy at Justice — Janet Reno’s protégée. Waco likely influences every one of his acts of prosecutorial discretion.

Some crimes get prosecuted because it makes heroes out of politicians; the same crimes committed by a different group are allowed to continue because prosecutions might make politicians look bad.

I opened this thread for any ongoing discussion or comparisons of Tony Alamo and the FLDS.


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  1. Stamp Says:

    Great site – Just got here and am amazed at how much you have compiled – great work!

    Will be baaack!

  2. FLDS TEXAS Says:

    Thanks for the link to our page. Enjoy reading your Alamo updates

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