Fugitive preacher, Tony Alamo, sues Jewish Federation Council

Christian Research Newsletter
by Ron Rhodes
Volume 3: Number 1, 1990

Alamo Sues Jewish Federation Council

The December 21, 1989 Los Angeles Times reports that “an ongoing dispute between the Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles and followers of fugitive preacher and clothing designer Tony Alamo moved to the courts this week, as the Alamo faithful filed suit against the federation, which has launched a successful campaign to stop the sale of Alamo jackets.”
The sequined, airbrushed jackets have been good sellers in Southern California boutiques. But sales have dropped off drastically ever since the Jewish Federation’s Commission on Cults and Missionaries began urging retailers to stop selling the product, “charging that money from jacket sales finances cult activities.”
Federation officials said they have been trying to educate retailers about the criminal charges facing Tony Alamo, who — along with three others — was charged with felony child abuse after the alleged beating (to the point of bloodshed) of an 11-year-old boy. Alamo and his cohorts have evaded arrest since October, 1988.
Alamo Designs has responded to the Jewish Federation’s efforts with a lawsuit, seeking $250 million in damages for libel and slander.

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