Perfect timing, Tony

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Southwest Times Record
June 6, 1994


In the 6/4/94 edition of SWTR was the news story of Tony Alamo’s tax trial, where he took the Fifth Amendment when asked about having more than one wife at the same time. This is called polygamy. That same day the story ran in SWTR, guess what I found plastered on the windshield of my car? An Alamo news letter! Guess what the subject was this time.
Polygamists of the Bible!

Perfect timing, Tony.

The Alamo papers listed various men of the Bible who had two or more wives, plus concubines (mistresses). One such man whom Alamo used as his main character reference, was Abraham. Just because Abraham did it, does it make it right?

Isn’t it amazing how people, including so-called preachers, can use the Bible to justify themselves when the need arises — R.W. Goodwin, Fort Smith

In: 1990-1999, Polygamy In The News

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