Ex-Wives testify against Alamo

The Commercial Appeal
September 10, 1994

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“A sentencing hearing for the convicted preacher-clothes designer Tony Alamo is expected to conclude Thursday before U.S. Dist. Judge Jon McCalla.

Former wives of Alamo called by government prosecutors testified that they were beaten and raped while part of his religious group.

Jodie Fryer testified that she was forced to marry Alamo when she was 17 because she “believe he was a true prophet… God’s mouthpiece.” “I thought if I didn’t go through with the ceremony I would burn in hell,” she said.

A federal jury convinced Alamo on four tax counts in June. He could
face a total of up to six years in prison. Alamo hired a new lawyer,
Susan James, after his conviction.

Because of the length of some testimony Friday, McCalla said he would
schedule a second day of testimony.

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