10/27/09 – AP: DHS asks to end parental rights of 2 Alamo followers

October 27, 2009
The Associated Press

DHS: End parental rights of 2 Alamo followers

The Arkansas Department of Human Services is asking a judge to terminate the parental rights of 2 members of the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries.

Attorneys for DHS on Monday asked Miller County Circuit Judge Joe Griffin to end the legal rights of the father of a teenager who is in foster care. Griffin did not immediately issue a ruling.

Another hearing is set for Jan. 26 on a DHS request to end the parental rights of another Alamo follower.

Griffin and another judge have ruled that ministry children are endangered by practices including underage marriages and punishing misbehavior with beatings.

The Alamo ministry’s compound in Fouke was raided in September 2008 and 75-year-old Tony Alamo was convicted in July of taking five underage girls across state lines for sex. He’s to be sentenced Nov. 13.

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