11/13/09 – VIDEO: Former Alamo Follower Says Alamo Sentence Is No Justice

KFSM – Fort Smith
November 13, 2009
Kate Luck

Former Alamo Follower Says Alamo Sentence Is No Justice



Tony Alamo was sentenced Friday to 175 years in prison on ten counts of taking children across state lines for sex. “It’s so good to see him in handcuffs after what he did to those precious little girls.”

The sentence came down from Texarkana on Friday, and it’s the maximum prison time for Tony Alamo- 175 five years.

But one key factor is Alamo will still be able communicate and conduct his ministry from behind bars. Peter Laudan and his wife are former followers of Tony Alamo.

Laudan says the fact that Alamo still has access to his church could mean the abuse continues. “I do remember when previously he was wanted by the law and he was not able to communicate with the church, people began to think for themselves and there was a certain margin of freedom. But as long as he is in prison and able to direct things, the oppression will continue,” he said. Laudan says that even though Alamo is in prison for the rest of his life, nothing will mean justice for the victims who suffered under years of abuse.

Friday morning three former child “brides” of Alamo’s testified at his sentencing.

He was convicted in July of taking girls as young as 8 years old across state lines for sex. “How do you exact justice when these girl’s innocence and childhood was taken away and crushed? How do you give justice to these young ladies,” said Laudan.

Alamo claims the charges against him stem from a conspiracy against his church.

He claims the witnesses against him have been lying from the beginning.

The judge at his sentencing on Friday told Alamo that he will one day face a judge greater than he, and that he hopes God will have mercy on his soul.

Another hearing has been set for January 13th to determine if Alamo will have to pay restitution to his victims.

Alamo’s lawyers say they plan to appeal the sentence.

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