Tony Alamo Denies Hiding His Dead Wife’s Body

Southwest Times Record
November 9, 1991

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Evangelist says he doesn’t have body

Contrary to statements attributed to him in past news articles, evangelist Tony Alamo said Friday he doesn’t have the missing body of his wife. Susan, and doesn’t know where it is.

Alamo made the comments at a press conference Friday in Fort Smith a day after he filed a defamation action in Crawford County Chancery Court against his stepdaughter Christhaon Coie.

He said Susan Alamo’s daughter defamed him in statements that appeared in newspapers around the country. He said she called him such things as a con man, pure evil and a grave robber. He is asking for $1 million in actual damages and $2.5 million in punitive damages.

Alamo filed the action in response to a lawsuit Coie filed against Alamo in September in which she asked a judge to order Alamo to return Susan Alamo’s body to her native Crawford County for burial.

Tony Alamo said in court filings Thursday and again to reporters Friday that he didn’t know who took his wife’s body from the mausoleum on foundation property on Georgia Ridge in February and that he didn’t know where the body is now.

Reporters asked Alamo about a news account in which he said he had Susan Alamo’s body and another account in which his wife, Sharon, said she knew where Susan Alamo’s body was and that it was safe. Alamo said those news reports were false.

Susan Alamo’s body and the remaining Alamo followers on the foundation property on Georgia Ridge near Dyer in Crawford County disappeared the same February night. But Alamo denied he ordered his followers to leave and take Susan Alamo’s body with them. Instead, he said, his followers left because members of the US. Marshal’s Office “held guns to their heads.”

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