Marriage In The Tony Alamo Ministries

The marriages performed in the Tony Alamo Ministries are not done legally, with few exceptions. This is especially the case if one of the parties is under age. There are no licenses or any records to prove or disprove that a marriage has been performed.

As is the case with many of these totalistic groups, no marriage is performed without the consent of the leader. Tony Alamo often plays match-maker and has always required his followers to get his approval before a ceremony is performed. This is done for two reasons: Alamo needs to maintain absolute control over his followers, and who they are partnered with plays a big part in the united front. And most importantly, the legal ramifications of allowing children to marry could be catastrophic to the organization.

The followers believe that being married in the eyes of God is the only acceptance they need and the requirements to obtain a license is coming from Satan and the Anti-Christ government, thus rendering them of no importance.

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